How Is Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia? Family Tree

Is Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia? Are the two American actors brothers? Delve into the article to discover the relationship between the two actors and their family details.

Jonathan Lapaglia is a famous Australian actor and television personality. He is known for his roles as Kevin Debreno in The District, Frank B. Parker in Seven Days, and Detective Tommy McNamara in New York Undercover.

Furthermore, Jonathan has hosted the Australian adventure reality game Australian Survivor since 2016. 

On the other side, Anthony Lapaglia is also an Australian actor famous for his roles in the television drama Without a Trace, where he is portrayed as Jack Maline.

Similarly, Anthony starred in films including Besty’s Wedding, Autumn in New York, Annabelle: Creation, and Nitram.

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How Is Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia? Are They Brothers? 

Australian actor Jonathan Lapaglia is the younger brother of Anthony Lapaglia. Both the actors came from the same family and bloodlines and are expertise in their respective genres.

Jonathan and Anthony share a close sibling bond. Anthony Lapaglia is the oldest of the three siblings, and Jonathan is the youngest. Both brothers have made their name and fame in the entertainment industry.

Anthony and Jonathan’s middle brother Michael Lapaglia is a car wholesaler in Los Angeles.

When Jonathan was a teenager, his elder brother Anthony was an aspiring actor in the entertainment industry. Therefore, following his brother’s footsteps, Jonathan Lapaglia earned an influential acting career.

As the brother of the same family, Anthony and Jonathan Lapaglia share valuable support and encouragement towards each other.

In the initial days of his younger brother’s acting career, Anthony had visited the filming location of Jonathan to ensure support and calmness.

Similarly, Jonathan was also present for his brother’s accomplishments in the congratulatory ceremony.

Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia
Jonathan Lapaglia and Anthony Lapaglia are often seen in the movie’s premiere and awards shows. (Source: Dailymail)

Now, both of the members of the Lapaglia family have made several achievements and earned titles and awards for their phenomenal performance.

Anthony Lapaglia has earned several awards and appreciation and is still counting. His first awards marked the title of Best Lead Actor from the “Australian Film Institute” for Lantana.

The latest appreciation he earned is the “AACTA Award for Best Actor” in a supporting role in the movie Nitram.

Similarly, Anthony Lapaglia’s brother Jonathan has won the “River Rock Award” for Best Actor for The Reckoning and Equity Award for Outstanding Performance for the movie The Slap.

Jonathan Lapaglia And Anthony Lapaglia Family Tree

Jonathan was born on 31 August 1969, and Anthony was on 31 January 1959 in Adelaide, South Australia. Jonathan and Anthony have ten years age gap being the youngest and oldest of the family siblings.

Lapaglia brothers were born to mother Maria Johannes and father Gedio “Eddie” Lapaglia. They grew up in a mixed nationality family, their mother was from the Netherlands, and their father was an Australian immigrant from Italy.

Father Gedio came and settled in Australia when he was eighteen years old. Therefore, the Lapaglia siblings have exposure to Dutch, Italian, and Australian cultures and practices.

Only Anthony and Jonathan are associated with the entertainment industry in the Lapaglia family. Their mother, Maria, was a secretary and model, and their father, Eddie, was an auto mechanic and car dealer. 

Following the father’s footsteps, the middle brother of Anthony and Johantha Lapaglia, Michael, is a car wholesaler in Los Angeles.

Anthony and Jonathan have formed their own sweet family. Anthony has been married three times. His first wife was Cherie Michan, and his second wife was Australian actress Gia Carides. With Gia, Anthony shared a marital relationship from 1998-2015.

Now, he is with his sweetheart Alexandra Henkel, who got married in 2018. Anthony often shares pictures of himself and his current wife on his Instagram account.

Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia
Anthony Lapaglia with his beloved wife Alexandra Henkel. (Source: Dailytelegraph)

Meanwhile, Anthony’s brother Jonathan Lapaglia shared his wedding vows with Ursula Brooks in 1998, and the couple is in their twenty-fifth year of a strong marital bond. The couple is blessed with a daughter Tilly Lapaglia born in 1999.

Jonathan Lapaglia Related To Anthony Lapaglia
Jonathan Lapaglia has an adorable family relationship with his wife and daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Jonathan has recently shared a picture with his daughter and wife on his social media tab congratulating Tilly for her completion of undergraduate studies.

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