Kara Swisher Parents: Father Louis Bush Swisher And Mother Lucky

Kara is an established name in US Tech journalism who has the unconditional support of her fans, friends, and family. Meet Kara Swisher parents and learn about her upbringing. 

Kara Anne Swisher is one of the most influential journalists in tech, who has covered the internet business since 1994. 

Swisher was initially a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and co-executive editor of All Things Digital. Then, in 2014, she co-founded Vox Media’s Recode. 

Similarly, she was an opinion writer for the New York Times from 2018 to 2022 before rejoining Vox Media. 

Columbia University’s School of Journalism graduate Kara interned at The Washington Post in 1986 and had the great potential of an aspiring journalist since a young age.

Besides, journalism Swisher is also the author of Aol where she mainly covers writing about digital world events and analysis.

Some of her writing is: “How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates,” “The Quest for a Digital Future,” and “Made Millions in the War of the Web.” 

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Kara Swisher Parents: Father Louis Bush Swisher And Mother Lucky

Kara was born on December 11, 1962, in Roslyn Harbor, New York as the daughter of father Louis Bush Swisher-Buddy and mother Lucretia Ventre aka Lucky.

Kara’s parents met at Jefferson Medical College now part of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia where Louis was practicing medical fraternity, and Lucretia was secretary to Dean.

Swisher is from an influential family as her father served in the U.S. Navy and at Saint Albans as the senior anesthesiologist. During that time, he was popular among the patients as “a healer of the sick.” 

Louis also supported the NASA Mercury Space Program providing medical support for the astronauts.

In 1968, Kara’s father planned to teach at the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Centre. However, he fell ill unexpectedly in February and was rushed to the Glen Cove Community Hospital in Roslyn Harbor.

Immediately, he underwent surgery for a Cerebra Aneurysm but couldn’t survive. 

Kara Swisher Parents
Kara Swisher’s mother Lucky stood like a strong pillar for the support of children. (Source: Twitter)

At that time, Kara was six years old and a daughter who needed love from her father, but Louis was not there.

So, her mother Lucretia was responsible for raising the kids and providing them the love of both parents.

Lucky made her children capable of what they are today and her kids also know this.

Kara shows her unconditional love for her mother in her social media account and she has also written an article based on her mom’s life and struggle.

Thus, for Kara, motherly love is heavenly love. 

Kara Swisher Brother Jeffery Swisher

Kara Swisher has an older brother Jeffery Swisher who is Anesthesiologist at Northern California Anesthesia Physicians (NCAP).

Jeffery was born as Louis and Lucretia’s eldest child and has followed in his father’s footsteps in the career setting. Jeffery is the chairman of the Department of Anesthesiology at California Pacific Medical Centre.

Kara’s brother graduated from the University of California majoring in Bachelor of Arts in Biology General. Likewise, he pursued his master’s degree in Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Same as his father, Jeffery served as an assistant professor of Anesthesiology at UCSF.

Kara Swisher Parents
Kara Swisher’s brother Jeffery shows his respect for their mother and love towards his sister. (Source: Twitter)

Jeffery has unlimited love for his mother Lucky.

On her birthday, September 7, 2022, he posted a tweet representing his mother as a fashion icon and major law of nature and thanking her for making him the person he is.

Jeffery also participates in his sister Kara’s talk show and other programs. He usually shares pictures of him attending conferences and supporting his sister. Along with him, mother Lucretia also shows her full support for her children.

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