Karlie Redd Face Lift: Before And After Photos

The world of glamour is always filled with rumors and speculation. Recently, a question has been raised regarding Karlie Redd Face Lift. Did she really go under the knife?

Keisha Lewis, aka Karlie Redd, is an American television personality, rapper, model, and actress born in New York City to a Trinidadian mother and an African-American father.

She attended The Harlem School of the Arts and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and is a college graduate. Karlie has appeared in films such as Black Spring Break 2 and Top Five and has a prominent role in the Saints and Sinners.

Having gained popularity through VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, which premiered in 2012, the beauty has ventured into the business world, launching the Redd Remy Hairline and opening a women’s clothing store called Merci Boutique in Atlanta.

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Karlie Redd Face Lift: What Surgeries Did She Have?

Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd has once again found herself amid controversy, with fans speculating about her recent drastic change in appearance.

The tv-personality recently posted a photo that left fans questioning whether she had gone under the knife for multiple plastic surgery procedures, including a facelift, cat-eye surgery, a nose job, and lip fillers.

While Karlie Redd has admitted to getting lip injections, she strongly denies having any other cosmetic work done. In response to the rumors, she claimed that her altered look resulted from slanted eye makeup, which made her appear different.

Karlie Redd Face Lift
Karlie Redd Is also speculated to have a face lift. (Source: Instagram)

Her makeup artist also came to her defense, stating that she had never undergone a nose job, facelift or any other surgical procedures. However, a recent report by HOUSE & WHIPS suggests that Redd’s transformation is too significant to be attributed solely to makeup tricks.

Comparing her before and after pictures, the report highlights substantial changes in her facial structures, leaving many fans shocked and disappointed. Redd’s followers have taken to social media to express their displeasure, accusing her of damaging her face to attain a more elegant and stylish appearance.

Many have even claimed that she was one of the most gorgeous television personalities before her alleged surgeries. While Redd denies undergoing a facelift and other plastic surgeries, the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. 

Karlie Redd Face Lift Before And After Photos

The Hip Hop Atlanta star has always been known for her radiant beauty, but it seems she has taken her appearance to the next level. The alleged facelift has seemingly refreshed and changed her features.

Comparing the before and after photos side by side, fans can’t help but notice the dramatic changes. Karlie’s jawline appears more defined, and her skin looks smoother and tighter, indicating a possible surgical intervention.

While the reality star has not officially confirmed the rumors, fans and critics have been buzzing about the alleged procedure. Social media platforms are flooded with comments and speculations about the secret behind Karlie’s new look.

Karlie Redd Face Lift
Karlie Redd’s alleged face lift has made her skin look a lot tighter and has also changed her eye shape to some extent. (Source: HOUSE & WHIPS)

Some fans applaud her for embracing her beauty and doing what makes her happy, while others expressed concern over the pressures of societal beauty standards and the example the celebrities are giving to the newer generation.

 The stunning model has become the target of harsh criticism regarding her appearance. Many fans are using social media platforms to express their views, and most comments are far from encouraging.

One Twitter user with the handle Tillfurthernotice tweeted, “Did Karlie Redd get a facelift? Her face does not look nice.” Similarly, another user named Nique wrote, “Karlie Redd’s face doesn’t even look real. It’s like a lion with a face-lift.”

Despite Karlie’s denial, accusations of a facelift have invaded her social media accounts for years.

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