Xo Kitty Lana Condor Siblings: Brother Arthur Condor- Parents Bob And Marry Condor

Looking for information about Xo Kitty: Lana Condor siblings? Meet Arthur Condor, the brother of Lana Condor. Discover more about their family, including their parents, Bob and Mary Condor, with our comprehensive guide.

Lana Condor is a multi-talented American actress, producer, and singer who has become someone to watch in the entertainment industry.

She started her journey at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City before graduating from Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles in 2015.

Although she got accepted into Loyola Marymount University the next year, in 2016, Lana decided to press “pause” on her studies so she could pursue acting full-time instead.

However, her breakout as Jubilee happened when X-Men: Apocalypse first came out in 2016. But her role as Lara Jean Covey made international waves across all three To All The Boys movies (released over three years between 2018 and 2021).

Alongside TATB, Lana played Saya Kuroki on a TV series called Deadly Class and Koyomi for Alita: Battle Angel.

Even though Lana is linked to a spinoff of To All The Boys called XO Kitty, she doesn’t actually appear there as Lara Jean Song Covey, like in the original film series.

Although faced with numerous challenges, the brilliance and charisma of her performance still managed to mesmerize viewers, etching a permanent mark in the industry of entertainment.

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Lana Condor Siblings: Meet Brother Arthur Condor

Arthur Condor, the brother of Lana Condor, the accomplished American actress, producer, and singer, was lovingly adopted by Bob and Mary Condor during their childhood.

Born on February 19, 1997, Arthur is currently 27 years old and serves as a Surface Warfare Oceanography officer in the United States Navy. 

Their sibling relationship has only grown stronger over time despite not being biologically related but sharing an adoption history from the same Vietnamese orphanage.

Lana Condor Siblings
Lana Condor siblings include her adoptive brother, Arthur Condor. (Source: WiKi Birthdays)

Throughout Lana’s journey in the entertainment industry, Arthur has been nothing short of supportive of her showcasing the deep sibling connection between them.

Despite pursuing different career paths, the siblings shared the same upbringing, emphasizing love, support, and family importance.

Although they are not biologically related, they surely are emotionally connected at heart.

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Who Are Lana Condor’s Parents: Bob And Marry Condor?

Lana Condor, born on May 11, 1997, in Cần Thơ, Vietnam, spent her early months in an orphanage as Trần Đồng Lan. However, she was fortunate to be adopted by Mary Carol Condor and Bob Condor.

Likewise, her mother is Irish, and her father is Hungarian. They raised Lana and her brother with love in various cities like Chicago, Whidbey Island, and New York City throughout the years.

Similarly, Lana’s father, Bob, contributions to newspapers across America that focus on the quality of life are highly regarded due to his extensive background working for renowned newspapers like the Q section.

Lana Condor Siblings
Lana Condor with her adoptive parents, Bob and Marry, along with brother, Arthur. (Source: Instagram)

However, details regarding her mother are kept at a minimum, but without a doubt, her role in Lana’s success has been as crucial as her father’s.

Lana’s parents recognized Lana’s natural talents early on in acting while also fostering other interests, such as ballet or horse riding.

Furthermore, they ensured that Lana had ample access to Vietnamese culture to appreciate who she was culturally.

Moreover, Lana is thankful to her folks for molding her sense of self and offering unwavering backing for her pursuit of acting.

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