Who Is Lauren Davis Husband Phil Shirakawa? Divorce Story And Kids

Talented tennis player Lauren Davis husband has been one of the most searched topics by her fans lately. Read this article to the end to know about her divorce story and kids.

Lauren Davis is a renowned professional tennis player. Born on October 9, 1993, in Gates Mills, Ohio, Davis began her tennis journey at a young age of nine and quickly rose through the ranks.

Building her reputation around her exceptional backhand, agility, and skills on clay courts, she has impressed everyone. Her backhand is widely recognized as one of her strongest weapons.

This wonderful player’s career highlights include reaching the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in 2020 and the fourth round of Wimbledon in 2017. Read about the personal life of the player below.

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Who Is Lauren Davis Husband Phil Shirakawa? Divorce Story

It is not surprising to see people wondering about their favorite players and stars families and personal lives, as they want to know them closely.

In the same fashion, fans have been wondering about Lauren’s personal life as well. Therefore, people curiously ask “Who is Lauren Davis Husband?”.

As per sources, Lauren is not currently married to have a husband, but many sources claim that she actually did have one in the past that she got divorced.

Lauren Davis’s former husband is claimed to be Phil Shirakawa, a prominent figure in the field of radio broadcasting. It has been said she and Phil had gotten married in 2013, according to TennisTalky.

Phil apparently works as a radio host and producer for The Album Drop, where he is said to offer his creative expertise, voice-over services, and radio-related support to media producers worldwide, as said by Sports Lumo.

He is currently also the host of the show @ncracanada.

Most sources claim that the couple got divorced after just two years of marriage in 2015.

But the truth is Phil Shirakawa, the host and producer is not the actual husband of tennis player Lauren.

The Phil, that sources claim to be her husband is actually the husband of another woman named Lauren Davis.

Also, the other Lauren and Phil’s relationship came into the highlight as she had an untimely death, leaving Phil to raise two small kids on his own. 

Their story has been covered by Press Read, and it has touched the heart of many people. 

While the said Phil is often confused to be tennis player’s husband, he actually is not and we are not sure if there has been any other Phil in her life, who she did get married at some point of life.

Lauren Davis Husband
Lauren Davis is said to dating a man whose identity remains private. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, it has been speculated that the player is currently seeing a mystery man, one with whom she posts cute Instagram pictures. But she has not openly talked about the man or her relationship.

So, we can say that Phil, the one claimed to be host and producer is not this talented tennis player’s ex-husband but there could have been other Phil in her life, one that has not been talked about by her or her team.

Does Lauren Davis Have Kids?

Lauren Davis’s personal life aspects and milestones have always been a subject of curiosity for many fans and followers, particularly regarding whether she has children.

Her Instagram profile does not provide any indication or confirmation of her having children. Despite the absence of such information on her social media, people continue to speculate about her parental status.

Additionally, there have been no official statements from Lauren Davis or her team regarding the topic of children.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Phil Shirakawa, the other Lauren’s husband, had shared a picture featuring a child on his Instagram account in the past. And the child is confused about being his child with the tennis player.

Lauren Davis Husband
Phil posted the picture of a child who is rumored to be the tennis player’s child but in truth is not her. (Source: Instagram)

But again the children are not from the tennis player and his relationship but with his own wife Lauren.

Since Lauren has no posts regarding any child, it is possible that she has not been a mother yet. But as long as it is not confirmed, we cannot say for sure.

At the same time, Lauren is spoiling her dog Lucy and parenting her with a lot of love.

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