Laurence Fox Kids: Meet His 2 Son Winston And Eugene

Who are Laurence Fox kids? People got curious to know about the actor’s family details after he got involved in a controversial debate on a Live discussion.

Laurence Paul Fox is an English actor, tv broadcaster, and political activist. 

He started his entertainment journey in 2001 as an actor in the horror-thriller film The Hole. After his appearances in films like Gosford Park and Island at War, Fox started to get attention from the public and media.

Besides, an actor, Laurence Fox, is a political activist and broadcaster. His political criticism and comments are often criticized as controversial content. 

Similarly, in GB News, Fox presents a regular “Friday night”, but in September 2023, he was suspended by the News Channel after he made unmannered comments about Journalist Ava Evans.

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Laurence Fox Kids: Elder Son Winston And Younger Eugene

Laurence Fox is the father of two adorable sons: Elder son Winston, born in 2008, and younger Eugene, born in 2012.

Laurence was married to actress Billie Piper in 2007 and had two adorable kids before divorcing in May 2016.

Now, the adorable kids are growing to be fine men. Most of the time, Winston and Eugene are seen together with their father, Laurence.

Laurence Fox kids have a slight resemblance to the face of their father. Some fans point out that his sons are similar to his younger self, Laurence.

Laurence Fox is an incredible father figure figure to his two sons. He manages to make up his time out of his busy schedule to spend with his children.

Laurence Fox Kids
Laurence Fox is a proud father of two sons, Winston and Eugene. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Laurence Fox Kids loves to spend time with their father. On the Instagram account, Fox often shares his leisure time and holiday trips with his sons.

In the photos, the family of three enjoys their time performing recreational activities and many more adventures.

Laurence Fox kids are in their teen days and are full of energy. In some of the videos shared by Father Laurence, we can see the intense energy of Winston and Eugene and their goofy nature.

When Winston and Eugene are at home, they love to spend time with their pet dogs and loves to play pranks with their father.

Who Is The Mother Of Laurence Fox Kids? Know About Billie Piper

Winston and Eugene were born as the loving sons of their parents, Laurence Fox and Billie Piper.

However, when Eugene was four years old, and Winston was in his elementary school, their parents decided to separate ways.

The ground for the divorce of Laurence and Billie was the unreasonable behavior and incompatibility between the couples.

At the time of their split, Winston and Eugene parent’s stated their intention to co-parent them with the utmost mutual respect.

In 2022, Laurence accused Billie of denying him access to their kids, alleging that he had not been able to see his eldest son and speak to him on his fourteenth birthday.

Laurence Fox Kids
Laurence Fox and Billie Piper are the biological parents of Winston and Eugene, in-figure the eldest son, Winston. (Source: Thesun)

Now, Laurence Fox kids are seen more with him than their mother, Billie Piper.

The inner disputes of the family are to be solved by the parents. The most important point is that the children must not be affected by it.

As of now, Winston and Eugene seem to enjoy the company of their father, and there is no doubt that they love their mother equally.

Thus, it is up to them whether to be with their father and mother after the legal procedure of the parents to co-parent.

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