Leonardo Lorenzo Wikipedia And Edad: Esposa And Family

Leonardo Lorenzo is a well-known media personality who is fabulous in his profession. People often get interested in Leonardo Lorenzo wikipedia and his family. 

Leonardo Lorenzo is an Uruguayan actor, journalist, communicator, well-known TV presenter and RJ. 

He hosted the daily show Buen Dias Uruguay – Good Morning Uruguay on Radio Uruguay for fourteen years before taking over as host of the “Monte Carlo a sus ordenes” – Monte Carlo At Your Command’ program on CX20 Monte Carlo.

Leonardo is also the author of the book Mary Coli Celstina where he mentioned life disappointment, and separation also about the human condition, to desire someone with whom we share our love, a life of losses, disappointment, and a new beginning.

Likewise, he also hosts the shows Entretelones and Enter@rte on TV Cuidad and Muy Rico Todo on Montevideo Portal.

The Actor and Communicator Leonrdo Lorenzo Wikipedia comprises his career and life. 

Leonardo Lorenzo Wikipedia And Edad (Age)

Leonardo Lorenzo graduated from The Municipal School of Dramatic Art in 1993.

 He was reportedly introduced to theater play by one of his friends coincidently during his college days in 1987. Starting with the theater, he felt thrilled when he was on stage, and according to him he never got off the stage since then. 

In 1997, he starred as an actor in the film “Una Forma de Bailar” – ‘A Way of Dance.’ The movie won The IRIs Award for the best film category, and Leonardo won the TABARE Award for the best actor.

Lorenzo was always serious about communication and information. According to his Linkedin profile, he mentioned that he used to practice and participate in the seminar “The Power of Communication without Screens.” 

Similarly, he practiced speaking with people in public, private, and before his office work to know how people feel communicating with each other and how to know people’s points of view. 

Leonardo Lorenzo is on the talk show in PHUruguay. (Source: Twitter )

Leonardo Lorenzo Wikipedia
Leonardo Lorenzo at the Radio Uruguay office. (Source: 970Univeral )

Thus, his work’s sincerity is viewed in how he presents programs. Leonardo can engage the audience in interviews, talk shows, and regular radio programs.

 Lorenzo has worked with the most varied professions, such as doctors, politicians, Architects, Designers, marketing directors, Priests, and many more in the row.

Similarly, in his talk shows he often raises the question about current affairs around the world. He shares his every engagement in such talk shows, interviews, and communication on his Twitter account @leolorenz0

Because of his excellency in work, Leonardo is one of the most in-demand speakers and presenters in Urubuay media.

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Leonardo Lorenzo Esposa And Family 

Leonardo Lorenzo has yet to reveal information about his family, wife, and personal life. Likewise, there is no information about his private affairs on media handles.

However, he often shares posts and pictures with his long-term friend Adriana Da Silva, a Uruguayan TV personality.

Leonardo Lorenzo Wikipedia
Leonardo Lorenzo with Adriana Silva in the Radio Uruguay premises. (Source: Elpais )

Leonardo and Adriana run the Radio Uruguay talking segment Buenas Tardes Uruguay (Good Afternoon Uruguay)  together. 

Similarly, they are also the presenter of various short-term projects like ‘Canal 5 Uruguay’, ‘Children and modern food: Public Media’ and ‘Sustainable Fashion.’ 

This duo always shows unique dynamics whenever they offer any programs, because of which the audience feels interested whenever they listen to or watch this pair together.

While scanning through Leonardo’s Facebook posts, we found their pure friendship and togetherness ever since the struggle phase of their career.  

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