Lil Duval Teeth: Has He Used Braces Or Teeth Whitening

As much as Lil Duval makes others show their teeth by making them laugh, people are equally interested in his smile. Learn more about Lil Duval teeth and the reason for his beautiful smile in this article. 

Roland Powell, mostly known by his stage name Lil Duval, is a talented stand-up comedian and actor from America. Born and brought up on June 12, 1977, in Jacksonville, Florida, he has taken the stage by storm with his effortless talent for tickling people’s funny bones.

In Jacksonville, he graduated from First Coast High School and went on to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. After moving from Florida, he adopted the stage name “Lil Duval” to pay homage to Duval County, his birthplace.

While he was discovered in 2001 at a performance at an Oakland talent competition, he rose to fame after appearing on BET’s show, Coming to the Stage. At that comedy competition series in 2005, he became a finalist, catching everyone’s attention.

Recently, he has been active on many television shows and has made multiple guest appearances, collaborating with other celebrities as well. One of his most memorable cameos is for the music video of Young Jeezy’s song “Mr. President.”

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Lil Duval Teeth: Has He Used Braces Or Teeth Whitening

Lil Duval’s smile has garnered a lot of attention lately because it shows off his shiny white teeth. People feel that Lil Duval’s teeth have personalities of their own, making them his most noticeable feature.

Lil Duval Teeth
Lil Duval showing off his teeth. (Source: Omaha.funnybone)

This shiny nature of Lil Duval’s teeth has led people to speculate that it is probably a fake one or that he has done some procedure to make them like this. This speculation is also going on because of old pictures of Duval resurfacing where he can be seen wearing grillz, decorative dental pieces.

To confirm the fan’s theory, yes, he has had some kind of procedure done to his teeth. It can be said because of the singer’s tweet that he made just a few days ago saying, “Can you still get a toothache with fake teeth?” as he was experiencing a toothache.

This post by the singer confirms that those shiny white teeth are fake. However, there is no information provided by Lil Duval or any of his close sources on what or where the singer has done to his teeth.

Regardless, both Lil Duval and his fans love this new, confident smile of his. This comic of 5-foot-2 inches has the capability to capture people’s attention nonetheless.

Lil Duval Accident And Surgery: Is He Okay?

Comedian Lil Duval on July 22, got in an accident and is still recovering from it. According to NBC news, he was hit by a speeding car while he was riding an all-terrain vehicle in the Bahamas.

He was immediately flown to a hospital in Nassau for a severely broken hip and other multiple injuries. However, the comedian did not fail to update all about the incident.

Lil Duval Teeth
Lil Duval is posing during an interview. (Source: Spotify)

In an Instagram video, he posted after the accident, he can be seen covered in multiple bandages. He seems to be struggling as his gurney is taken inside a small plane to move him for further medical attention.

No other details are available regarding the accident or the perpetrator. Even as of today, his hips are in recovery, and it is said Duval is taking it slow with the healing process.

Additionally, FamousBirthdays claims that the singer has a sister named Rolanda and a daughter named Nyla. However, the singer/comedian has not indicated much about his family through any of his social media posts. 

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