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You truly have to be a really special footballer to be considered as the greatest footballer of all time. Above all, when we see Lionel Messi weave his magic in the football pitch, we simply start to think that he truly is the best ever.

This little Argentinian maestro currently stars for both his national side as well as for his club Barcelona. In addition, with time Messi has evolved into a real leader and captains both his club and country at present.

Similarly, this footballing messiah is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Instead, Messi just seems to be growing finer like wine and is mesmerizing the world each time he steps out to play the beautiful game.

lionel messi

Magic-Man Leo Messi

It can also be said that Lionel has been awarded with every personal accolades there is in the footballing world. In addition, he has also won almost every trophy there is as a footballer.

Due to his outlandish talents, accolades, and trophy haul, Lionel Messi has also bagged the esteemed Ballon d’Or for a record six times. Similarly, this god-gifted footballer has also won the European Golden Boot for a record six times.

Above all, Lionel Andrés Messi has become a god-like figure for football fans all over the world. Similarly, no matter where it is, people just cannot stop singing praises about this genius.

Not just football fans, but everyone in general would like to see Messi work wonders for a long time. Similarly, we just hope that he is wow us for many years. Therefore, today let’s get to know Lionel better. We have all the details including Lionel Messi Age Height, Wife, Net Worth, Stats, Career, and more.

Lionel Messi Bio:


Full Name  Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini
Lionel Messi Age  33 Years
Birth Date  24 June 1987
Marital/Relationship Status  Married to Antonela Roccuzzo
Children  3
Birthplace  Rosario, Argentina
Ethnicity  Latin (Argentinian)
Profession  Footballer
Nationality  Argentinian
Lionel Messi Net Worth  Estimated to be around at $400 Million dollars
Lionel Messi Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Current Teams  Argentina / FC Barcelona
Horoscope  Cancer

Early Life

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini was born in the city of Rosario in Argentina. He was born to father Jorge Messi and mother Celia Cuccittini. In addition, Jorge was a manager in one of the steel factories. Similarly, Celia was a worker in a magnet manufacturing workshop.

lionel messi

Lionel Messi Current Teams -> Argentina / FC Barcelona

Lionel also has Italian and Spanish descents which he inherited from his parents. In addition, Messi is the third child among four children that Jorge ad Celia had.

He grew up in a tight-knit and a football-loving household. Due to this, Leo had a real passion for the beautiful game ever since he was just a kid. He used to play with his brothers and cousins, who went on to become professional footballers themselves.

He had actually joined a local club named Grandoli at the tender age of four. Above all, Leo was also a supporter of his home town club, Newell’s Old Boys. Messi even joined them at the age of six.

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It was all going well for Messi and almost netted 500 goals in Newell’s youth setup. However, Lionel’s future was imperiled when he was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency at 10 years.

For the treatment, Jorge’s insurance covered for only up to two years of home treatment. His club had agreed to help Messi but later didn’t help much. He was also scouted by other clubs and offered help. However, others could not offer much aid as the whole of Argentina’s economy was collapsing at that time.

The Big Move

After that, the Messi household moved to Catalonia in Spain. And this move proved out to be the most vital one in Lionel’s career. At the age of 14, Messi even completed his growth hormone treatment.

Similarly, Lionel and the rest of his family also managed to get him a trial with FC Barcelona in 2000. Finally, after landing a contract, he and his family relocated to Barcelona in 2001. In addition, they moved to an apartment that was very near to the club’s infamous stadium Camp Nou.

lionel messi

Messi Celebrating On The Pitch

However, due to transfer conflicts and also as he was a foreigner, Messi could initially only play in friendlies and Catalan leagues. The shy and reserved Lionel also suffered from homesickness and his mother and siblings even moved back to Rosario.

Finally, Messi was enrolled in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). With time, he was an integral member of Barca’s one of the most impressive youth sides.

Fellow superstars like Cesc Fàbregas and Gerard Piqué were also together in that team and are good friends. The rest is simply history and we know all the great things Messi went on to achieve since then.

Lionel Messi Age & Height

Cuccittini was born on the 24th of June in the year 1987. Similarly, this footballing messiah is 33 years of age at present. It seems that he is still in the peak of his magical footballing powers.

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While most footballers start slowing down at this age, Messi is still going stronger than ever before. Therefore, we still think that this amazing footballer will entertain us for more time to come. In addition, football fans throughout the world would not want him to stop any time soon.

Similarly, Lionel Messi height is also 1.70 meters. Standing at 5 ft 7 inches, Cuccittini may not be the biggest and strongest footballer out there.

lionel messi

How much is Lionel Messi Net Worth ???

However, with such a build, Messi certainly has a low center of gravity that allows him to do what he does with the ball on his feet. Also, there is no denying that Lionel has a gifted ability that separates him from the rest.

Lionel Messi Stats & Career

It was since the 2003-04 campaign that Messi began progressing through the club ranks. After impressing for the Juveniles setup, he was even called in the first team during the international break.

Eventually, Messi went on to make his first-team debut in 2003 against Porto in a friendly match. Barca’s staffs and players were thoroughly impressed by Messi.

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Above all, stars like Ronaldinho even saw his talents and realised what this boy was capable of. In addition, the great Ronaldinho even said that Lionel would go on to become a better player than he himself. Yet, for a while, Messi continued to learn and grow by playing for the reserve, youth and B teams of Barcelona.

Becoming a Starter

In 2005 on his 18th birthday, Lionel signed his first contract as a senior team footballer. Barca had slapped a huge €150 million buyout clause to deter any potential buyers. However, Inter were ready to pay him and bring him to Milan’s San Siro based outfit.

But Messi decided to stay anyway and set his ambitions to win big things with Barcelona. He was the part of the lethal front three including Ronaldinho and frontman Samuel Eto’o. Messi would often operate on the right side along with these two legendary attackers.


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Messi was starting to be compared to the great Diego Maradona and rightly so. Because even when Barcelona was beginning to falter slowly, Lionel was their shining light and continued to perform wonders and got everyone’s attention.


After that, the arrival of Pep Guardiola played another major part in Messi’s career. Just like under the previous manager, Messi initially operated in the right side but gradually moved towards operating in the middle of the pitch.

At times, Lionel was also deployed as a center forward but often dropped deep to puzzle and outclass the opponents by linking up with the greats Xavi and Andrés Iniesta.

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Success followed everywhere for Barcelona and Messi. They started winning trophies left and right and even went on to establish themselves as one of the most dominant footballing sides ever.

Similarly, along with the trophies, accolades and awards were also coming Messi’s way. He has went on to bag the prestigious Ballon d’Or home for an astounding six times till date.

International Career

Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest footballer ever to walk the face of the earth. However, he is yet to win a major honour with his national side. He began his international footballing career in the youth setup in 2004-05 and began with immense success at youth level.

Eventually in 2005, Messi even went on to debut for the senior side against Hungary in a friendly. He even went on to enjoy the Olympic gold in 2008. However, he still in desperate to win other big things with his nation.


The Argentinian Maestro

Heartbreaks followed Messi in the international stage. Despite reaching the two Copa America and one World Cup finals, Messi and Argentina failed to get across the final hurdles and were defeated in all the finals.

A lot of criticism also followed Messi for failing to win trophies with Argentina. Similarly, he retired from international football for a brief period in 2016 only to return after some time.

Still, more sad days followed for Argentinean football and Messi as they failed to win 2018 World Cup and Copa America. However, football fans truly want to see this great player win something on an international stage too.

Lionel Messi Wife, Family & Relationships

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini has been together with  Antonella Roccuzzo since 2008. In 2017, Lionel even tied the knot with his long time fiancee.

Together, they even have three sons together. Their eldest son Thiago was born in 2012. Similarly, Mateo and Ciro were born in 2015 and 2018 respectively.


Lionel Messi Wife -> Antonela Roccuzzo

In addition, Messi is also a respectable human being and has a very close relationship with his family. Lionel’s father has also been his agent since he was 14. His older brother Rodrigo looks after publicity and schedules. Similarly, his mom and Mathias look after his charitable organizations and take care of personal and professional matters.

Lionel Messi Market Value

Messi is reaching his older years when we talk about footballers. However, despite being 33 years of age, Messi is arguably the best player on the planet.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Lionel Messi is worth around a huge €112 Million. This huge figure also justifies his worth and many believe that Messi simply is a player who has infinite monetary value.

Lionel Messi Net Worth

Becoming a professional footballer surely guarantees you unlimited riches in today’s world. In addition, if you are the best footballer on the planet, the figures that one will earn will only so much greater.

With enormous contracts and mega sponsorship deals, Messi has earned around a mind-boggling $400 Million dollars to this date. Similarly, we expect him to bag more riches as he continues to put us all in disbelief with his magical footballing skills.

Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 162M Followers

Facebook: 95M Followers

YouTube: 1875K Subscribers

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