Lizzy Hoo Parents: Meet Her Father Chan Hoo And Mother Barbara Hoo, Family Ethnicity

Who are Lizzy Hoo parents? She is a comedian, writer, and actor from Australia, famous for her stand-up special, Hoo Cares!?, available on Amazon Prime Video.

Lizzy Hoo started doing stand-up comedy in 2017 when she joined comedy classes at Sydney Community College. She was 32 years old at that time. Later on, she left her job as an account manager in marketing and became a full-time comedian in 2021.

The comedian’s talent was recognized when she made it to the NSW Raw Comedy State Finals in 2017. She was then invited to perform at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in 2018, held at the Sydney Opera House.

In 2019, Lizzy performed her debut show, Hoo Am I?, at the Melbourne International and Sydney Comedy Festival. That same year, she started working as a presenter and contributor for SBS Voices and ABC Life.

Similarly, In 2021, Lizzy performed her second solo show, Hoo Dis?, at various events, including the Oxfam Gala, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Sydney Comedy Festival.

She also became a regular guest on the show Have You Been Paying Attention? The following year, in 2022, Lizzy performed her third comedy show, Hoo Cares!?, at the Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney Comedy Festivals. This show was later released on Amazon Prime Video in April 2023.

In the current year, 2023, Lizzy Hoo has been performing her latest show titled Woo Hoo! at the Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney Comedy Festivals.

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Lizzy Hoo Parents: Meet Her Father Chan Hoo And Mother Barbara Hoo

Lizzy Hoo was born in 1984 in Brisbane, Australia. Her mother, Barbara Hoo, comes from Toowoomba in Queensland, while her father, Chan Hoo, was born in Malaysia. They met each other in Penang and later moved to Brisbane in 1975.

When Lizzy’s parents first came to Brisbane, finding the ingredients they needed for cooking was not easy for them. They had to get squid from the bait and tackle shop and order green prawns two weeks beforehand.

Lizzy Hoo Parents
Lizzy Hoo’s father Chan Hoo. (Source: Instagram)

Getting ready for a steamboat meal was a big task. Luckily, Lizzy had many family members to help, and they had multiple fridges and a chest freezer to store all the food.

The steamboat meals prepared by the Hoo family became well-known. Lizzy enjoyed them a lot and also learned from the experience. Her parents taught everyone how to use the steamboat correctly.

Lizzy Hoo attributes a significant part of her success and drive in pursuing a career in comedy to the unwavering support and motivation she receives from her parents.

They have played a crucial role in her journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and a strong foundation to pursue her comedic aspirations.

Lizzy Hoo Family Ethnicity

Lizzy Hoo comes from a diverse family background that has significantly shaped her upbringing and cultural experiences.

Her mother, Barbara Hoo, is of Irish Australian descent and hails from Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. On the other hand, her father, Chan Hoo, was born in Malaysia and is of Chinese Malaysian heritage.

This fusion of different cultural backgrounds has created a colorful tapestry within Lizzy’s family.

Lizzy Hoo Parents
Comedian, writer, and actor from Australia, Lizzy Hoo (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in Brisbane during the 80s and 90s, Lizzy noticed that her neighborhood and primary school were predominantly composed of people from non-Asian backgrounds.

However, this did not discourage her parents from maintaining and cherishing their Chinese traditions, particularly during Lunar New Year celebrations. Despite most guests being of white ethnicity, Lizzy felt that these celebrations were normal and enjoyable.

Having a mixed ethnicity has also positively impacted Lizzy’s career as a comedian. Her family members provide wholehearted support, encouragement, and motivation in her comedic pursuits.

Their understanding of different cultures and perspectives enriches Lizzy’s comedic style and enables her to connect with diverse audiences.

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