Loic Fery Net Worth In 2023: Salary And Career Achievements

As we step into 2023, Loic Fery net worth continues to soar with his exceptional financial acumen and strategic decision-making. Read on to know his salary and accomplishments in the ever-changing world of finance.

Loic Fery is the Chairman and CEO of Chenavari Investment Managers and FC Lorient. After completing his studies at HEC, Féry worked in credit markets in Asia for Société Générale before venturing into entrepreneurship.

In 2007, amidst a financial storm, he founded Chenavari Investment Managers, which specializes in credit and funding markets and has grown to manage nearly six billion euros in assets.

Alongside his career in finance, Fery’s passion for football led him to become the president of FC Lorient, where he aimed to maintain the club’s presence at the top level of French professional football.

Under his leadership, the club experienced positive financial growth, saw sports infrastructure improvements, and even achieved its best-ever finish in Ligue 1.

Despite the challenges, Féry’s determination and ambition continue to drive his career and investments in various sectors.

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Loic Fery Net Worth In 2023: How Rich Is He? Salary And income Sources

Loic Fery is known for his successful business ventures and involvement in various industries. He has attracted significant attention regarding his net worth in 2023.

As the owner of FC Lorient, it has been reported that the club’s net worth in the same year amounts to an impressive €52.2 million.

Additionally, sources have revealed that the total gross salaries for the 2022-2023 season of Lorient reach €11,840,000, equivalent to €227,692 per week.

Loic Fery’s financial success extends beyond the realm of football. His company, Chenavari, has experienced remarkable growth, with assets under his management reaching an astounding $6.7 billion.

Loic Fery net worth
The massive net worth of Lory Fery has helped him live an affluent lifestyle. (Source: Instagram)

This includes a substantial $700 million split evenly between two hedge funds. Furthermore, Fery has diversified his investments, venturing into real estate, sports, music, and other fields.

Notably, Loic Fery is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts. With his high income, he is known to have made many donations.

His ability to secure funding for these ventures has played a significant role in his continued prosperity. While his precise net worth in 2023 remains unknown, it is evident that he leads a luxurious lifestyle.

Possessing numerous private cars, private jets, houses, lands, and businesses, Fery’s extravagant possessions reflect his financial affluence. He is also frequently seen in various underwater adventures.

Although Loic Fery’s net worth is subject to speculation, some sources estimate it to exceed $20 million.

Loic Fery Career Journey And Achievements

Loic Fery has had an impressive career marked by notable achievements. His journey began at a young age when he won an entrepreneurial competition during his studies at HEC.

This led him to put his education on hold and embark on a telematics project in Eastern Europe. After studies, Loic joined Société Générale in Hong Kong, where he handled credit markets in the midst of a financial crisis.

In 2000, Fery co-founded Asiabooster. Likewise, his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in credit markets led him to join Crédit Agricole Indosuez in London as one of the managers responsible for developing the bank’s credit activities.

He significantly contributed to the bank’s results during his tenure, generating over 500 million euros in his sector. However, Fery’s career faced a setback in 2007 when he was made redundant due to the actions of a New York trader that resulted in a significant loss for the bank.

Undeterred, Fery quickly bounced back and founded Chenavari Investment Managers, an asset management company specializing in credit and funding markets.

Loic Fery net worth
Loic Fery and his partner Fred Couderc, from Chenavari, were awarded the “Outstanding Industry Contribution” award at the HFM Hedge Fund 2017. (Source: Instagram)

The company grew rapidly and managed nearly six billion euros in assets within ten years of its inception. In addition to his achievements in finance, Fery pursued his passion for football.

He fulfilled his dream of leading a football club when he became the president of FC Lorient in 2009, making him the youngest president of a Ligue 1 club at the time.

Although FC Lorient faced challenges and relegation to Ligue 2 during Fery’s tenure, he remained committed to the club’s success. He appointed talented coaches and aimed to return the club to Ligue 1.

Outside of finance and football, Fery also diversified his investments in various sectors, including real estate, sports, and music.

While it is evident that his entrepreneurial spirit and wit have contributed to his overall success, the salary of the business mind still remains a mystery.

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