Below Deck Luka Brunton Girlfriend: Is He Dating Lorena In 2024?

Explore the latest updates on Luka Brunton girlfriend. Learn more about his relationship status and romantic moments with model Lorena.

Luka Brunton, the newest lead deckhand on Below Deck Down Under, brings both yachting expertise and personal connections to the high seas.

At 25, with seven years of yachting experience, Luka promises an exhilarating and dramatic season.

Hailing from New Zealand, his focus on family, particularly his close bond with Chief Stew Aesha Scott, reflects his values. Married to model Lorena, Luka shares their romance through captivating Instagram photos.

With a passion for adventure and a commitment to his blended family, Luka Brunton is set to make a splash as a critical crew member aboard the Northern Sun.

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Luka Brunton Girlfriend: Is He Dating Lorena In 2024?

The romantic journey of Luka Brunton, known for his roles in “Below Deck Down Under” Season 2 and “Below Deck Mediterranean” Season 8, has been a subject of intrigue.

While declaring himself single during these seasons, it appears that he may have navigated an on-again-off-again relationship with his current girlfriend, Lorena.

The relationship clues surfaced through Lorena’s Instagram, where an October 2019 post captured the couple looking cozy.

A subsequent post in November showcased Lorena affectionately kissing Brunton’s cheek with the caption, “my angel.”

Despite the declarations of being single during the filming of these reality shows, Brunton and Lorena seemed to be going strong in 2021, sharing a romantic date night in Italy, accompanied by a heartfelt caption expressing love in Spanish.

Luka Brunton girlfriend
Luka Brunton and Lorena were first seen on her Instagram in October 2019. (Image Source: Nicki swift)

The timelines of the shows align with their relationship status. “Below Deck Down Under” reportedly commenced filming in April 2022, followed by “Below Deck Med” in October of the same year.

By November, Brunton’s social media hinted at a rekindled romance with Lorena during a stay at a Bali resort. The couple’s most recent carousel of pictures, shared in September, depicts them in what appears to be a beach photoshoot, reaffirming their relationship.

While there might have been a brief split during Brunton’s filming for “Below Deck” seasons, the latest updates on social media strongly indicate that he and Lorena are indeed a couple.

The evolving nature of their relationship adds an extra layer of interest for fans, highlighting the complexities of maintaining personal connections amidst the whirlwind of reality television and the challenges it presents to romance at sea. 

Who is Lorena Peach?

Lorena Peach, a prominent figure in the modeling and content creation sphere, is recognized for her association with the Bali Model Agency and her romantic involvement with Luka Brunton.

As a model and content creator on OnlyFans, Lorena navigates the dynamic world of digital content, showcasing her talents and engaging with her audience.

While Lorena’s professional endeavors are well-documented through her work with the Bali Model Agency, additional personal information about her is currently not widely available in the public domain.

This intentional privacy may stem from her desire to balance her public persona and personal life.

As a content creator on OnlyFans, Lorena Peach embraces a platform that has gained popularity for its unique approach to sharing exclusive content with subscribers.

Lorena Peach
Lorena Peach is a model and adult content creator on OF. (Image Source: Instagram)

Her involvement in this realm adds a layer of versatility to her profile, showcasing her ability to navigate diverse aspects of the modeling and digital content landscape.

The recognition of Lorena’s relationship with Luka Brunton, known for his appearances on reality shows like “Below Deck Down Under” and “Below Deck Mediterranean,” adds a touch of intrigue to her public image.

Their shared moments on social media and glimpses into their romantic escapades have captured the attention of fans, creating a narrative that extends beyond individual professional achievements.

While Lorena Peach’s personal details may be limited in the public domain, her association with the Bali Model Agency and her presence on platforms like OnlyFans contribute to a multifaceted public image.

As the modeling and digital content creation landscape continues to evolve, Lorena’s role within these realms positions her as a notable figure with a growing influence in the online sphere.

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