Margot Haddad Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Margot Haddad wikipedia is a looked upon topic. The journalist was born in Paris to a Lebanese father and a French mother. Margot is also a loving wife and a mother of two beautiful children.

Margot Haddad is a well-recognized personality and a prominent figure in bilingual journalism.

Moreover, Haddad is known for her talented ability to broadcast in French and English.

Additionally, the journalist always leaves a notable impression with her communication skills, whether at a high-profile conference or significant event.

Haddad has contributed to major media platforms such as CNN, NBC News, ITV, BBC, BFM, and LCI in her impressive, diverse professional journey.

Currently, Margot is engaged with LCI and BFM Business, where she imparts her expertise to a large audience through the weekly show Hebdo Com.

With her impressive talent and the deliverance of her communication skills, Margot Haddad has influenced and left an ever-lasting impression on many people. 

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Margot Haddad Wikipedia And Age Revealed

Being a public figure with a great impression on the public, it is evident that people are interested in unraveling the private details of the people they follow.

Likewise, people have been looking out for Margot Haddad’s wikipedia.

Haddad was born in Paris, France; however, this famous journalist’s exact date of birth could not be found due to a lack of sources.

Margot was born to her Lebanese father and French mother.

Margot Haddad Wiki
Margot Haddad was born to a French mother and a Lebanese father. (Source: Minds)

In the 1970s outbreak of civil war, Margot’s father immigrated to France from Lebanon and worked as a businessman.

Whereas Margot’s mother is a lawyer specializing in international law.

Haddad’s bilingualism seeds were sowed as she grew up in a multicultural environment where she spoke French and Arabic.

Margot always had a thing for journalism and media. While at school, Margot also learned English, gaining fluency.

Margot’s parents also play a pivotal and influential role in shaping her successful career in journalism.

Regarding her educational pursuits, Margot studied political science at Sciences Po Paris. Additionally, Margot got a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University in New York.

Who Is The Journalist Margot Haddad Married To?

About the romantic entanglement of this journalist, Margot Haddad is married to James Reynolds.

James Reynolds is an established British journalist who works for ITV News as a correspondent.

The couple encountered one another while they both were covering the Gaza war for their respective media channels in the year 2014.

Both of them fell in love with one another and dated for a while.

Margot Haddad has her faith set in Christianity, whereas her husband, James Reynolds, is Jewish.

Margot Haddad wikipedia
Margot Haddad is Christian, and her husband, James Reynold, is Jewish. (Source: Minds)

Despite the cultural differences and blended religions, Margot and James tied the knot in 2017 in Paris.

The two have been living a delighted life together.

From their marriage, James and Margot have two children, a son and a daughter, who are very loved and nurtured. Their children’s names are Leo and Maya.

Continuing their responsibilities as parents, the couple is also passionate about their respective careers.

The couple often visits various places to cover the news, nationally and internationally.

On their social media handles, the couple often share the experiences they gathered from their travel with dedicated followers.

Both of them are incredibly supportive of each other and their careers and often share admiration for one another.

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