Who Is Marquise Brown’s Brother? Has a Sister Shanice Brown

Being a well known footballer, many people are curious to learn about Marquise Brown brother. He was brought up alongside a sibling.

Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown is an American football wide receiver who was born on the 4th of June, 1997. Brown was born in Hollywood, Florida.

Marquise Brown measures 5 ft 9 inches tall. He weighs about 170 lb. He was the biggest guy in his class while growing up. Having been the college football’s most explosive wide receiver at Oklahoma, Brown gained mastery with speed, change of direction, toughness, and smarts.

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Who Is Marquise Brown Brother?

Being a popular person in any field, the fans often attempt to know everything about their star. The queries might not just be limited to professional life, but also personal life. We can see many queries regarding Marquise Brown’s brother.

Get your doubts clear with the fact that he doesn’t have a brother of his own, instead has a sister named Shanice Brown. Although Marquise does not have a sibling brother, he does have an older cousin brother Antonio Brown.

Marquise Brown brother
Marquise Brown has got a cousin brother, Antonio Brown. (Photo Source: Instagram)

As there’s a saying family roots run deep, Marquise Brown’s brother is also an American football wide receiver. Antonio Brown is nine years older than his cousin brother Marquise as his date of birth is July 10th, 1988.

Antonio Brown was born in Miami, Florida, United States of America. The duo Brown brothers not only share the same last name but are also involved in the same fields as each other. They were both once on the same football team Baltimore Ravens.

Marquise Brown’s cousin brother Antonio Brown is considered one of the NFL’s best wide receivers. Marquise is also nephew to Eddie Brown, one of the greatest arena league players of all time. It might not be wrong to say that football runs in Marquise’s blood with so many family members involved in this field.

The Brown duo shares a close relationship. Antonio Brown being an older cousin, serves as a mentor to his brother. As Marquise Brown headed into the NFL Draft, Antonio taught him on how to get adapted to the game, and ways to manipulate to the speed and size of the NFL.

Antonio Brown also motivates his cousin and makes him do better. Having family members from the same field has actually been really helpful to Marquise and has aided in the development of his career.

Loving Sister Shanice Brown

As stated earlier, whilst Marquise doesn’t have a brother, he does have a loving sister Shanice Brown Jenkin. Their mother Shannon was a single parent and raised her children on her own with the help of her parents.

While things got hard while raising them both, Shannon went on the extra mile to provide them the best she could. Shanice has mentioned multiple times that her baby brother Marquise Brown is an inspiration to her.

Marquise Brown sister
Marquise Brown has a loving bond with his sister Shancie Brown. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Shanice Brown and Marquise Brown are extremely close too.

Once in a talk with OU Daily, Shanice shared that looking back at the hard days, it makes her eyes well up with the realization of how much her brother has achieved. 

As Marquise Brown was trying to work back towards a division 1 program, he was also working at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The income was not a fair amount. Shanice Brown would often times send him money in an attempt to help supplement her brother Marquise Brown.

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