Matias Bertolotti Wikipedia And Edad: Conjoint And Family Origin

Netizens are curious about Matías Bertolotti Wikipedia to know about his life as a meteorologist and his family details. This article comprises details about Matías’ personal life, parents, and family.

Argentine meteorologist and television presenter Matías Bertolotti is known for his work on the weather and climate section on the TV channels TN and El Trece.

Matías was a nature lover since his childhood and used to be with the environment most of the time. His passion and liking attracted him to the profession of a meteorologist.

At the age of six, he received a book about the weather and climate, and the changes in weather and its causes fascinated him.

Now, Bertolotti is recognized as one of the most successful meteorologists in Argentina.

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Matias Bertolotti Wikipedia And Edad

Born on 30June 1979, Matías Bertolotti is passionate about storms and an admirer of the river.

At the young age of six, with the barometer- an instrument to measure atmospheric pressure and a meteorology book, Matías used to enjoy the wonders of nature.

His passion led him to the TN and EL Trece, and in 2011 he presented a CV and attended an interview then started his professional journey with the weather.

Bertolotti first presented the ” Phenomena” cycle that used to air every Friday night where he talked about the climatic phenomena around the world with fellow star meteorologist José Bianco.

Matías Bertolotti is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires with a master’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences.

In his college life also, the meteorologist used to conduct climate-related programs and spread awareness of climate change and its consequences.

The 44 years old Bertolotti is now a meteorologist and weather reporter based in TN and EL Trece and he covers the news about climate along with storms, fires, and eclipses.

Matias Bertolotti Wikipedia
Matías Bertolotti is a meteorologist at TN and EL Trece . (Source: Instagram)

The seriousness of Matías about weather is seen when he is in a discussion panel. It has been recorded several times as he has raised the fight with reporters who do not take weather and climate change seriously.

In addition to his television meteorology positions, he is well-known for his participation in the game show A Todo o Nada.

Bertolotti is an outgoing person and is favored among his colleagues. In his Instagram feed, he usually posts pictures of himself in the workplace and among fellow reporters.

Matías Bertolotti Conjoint

Bertolotti is currently in a relationship with Lautaroo and the couple started dating in 2020 late 2020. However, this is not the first romantic commitment of the meteorologist.

He was previously married to his long-term boyfriend Gabriel Kordich. After six years of dating, the couple went through the civil registry and there was a wedding party in the Dominican Republic.

Gabriel is well-known in the media too. Bertolotti and his ex-boyfriend had appeared in several tv programs to talk about same-sex marriage.

Matías Bertolotti Wikipedia
Matías Bertolotti with his previous partner Gabrial (Left) and current boyfriend Lautaroo (right). (Source: Instagram)
(Source: Instagram)

Matías is the open gay since he was twenty-one years old. Coming out of the closet was easy for him family basis but in public although many people support his relationship some were there for the bad comments.

Matías and Gabriel separated in early 2020 just after a few months of marriage. Gabrial announced the separation through his Instagram story but Bertolotti was not ready to share the cause of the separation.

Now, he is sharing his happiness with his current boyfriend Lautaroo, and the couple is living their life to the best.

Matías Bertolotti Family Origin

The patronymic that Matías bears had origins in Italy and England as per the House of Names.

His ancestors migrated toward the southern hemisphere and arrived in American Land. Although his ancestry is based in European America, his close forefather are of Latin-American origin.

Thus, he is of Latin-American descent and embraced the Spanish language.

Matías Bertolotti grew up in a middle-class family along with his father Norberto and mother Nilda and two older brothers Javier and Gastón.

His father Norberto was a merchant who used to travel across America for trade and business. Similarly, Matías’ mother Nilda is a retired housewife. His father has a personality of an explorer and used to collect exotic items.

Matias Bertolotti Wikipedia
Matías Bertolotti loves and respects his mother and always acts like a baby around her. (Source: Instagram)

The barometer he got at the age of six, was a gift from his father. Unfortunately, Bertolotti’s father died in 2019 after having suffered two strokes.

Matías used to spend his time at his grandmother Laura’s house in Villa Urquiza where he had the privilege to look at the clear sky and enjoy the wind. 

Likewise, he used to spend vacations with his family in Villa Gesell where he enjoyed observing the behavior of the rains, and admired the mighty storms.

Matías Bertolotti is now living his passion enjoying his profession and dwelling on the weather and climate.

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