Matthew Love Is Blind Gaslighting: Is Season 6 Duliba Manipulative?

Matthew Duliba from Love Is Blind has faced criticism from viewers and media outlets for his manipulative behavior, which he later argued was misrepresented by the producers.

Matthew Duliba rose to prominence following his participation in the sixth season of the reality TV show “Love Is Blind,” bringing him into controversy.

Despite this, Duliba is known for his appearance on the show and his professional career as a Senior Financial Advisor at Vanguard.

With certifications such as CFP®, CTFA, and CIMA®, Duliba has established himself as a reputable figure in the financial industry.

Recently, Duliba spoke out against “Love Is Blind’s” portrayal, especially regarding an incident where he seemed to walk out on Sarah during a conversation.

His challenge to the show’s portrayal has sparked debate among contestants and viewers, questioning reality TV’s authenticity.

Amid the chaos of the current season of “Love Is Blind,” Duliba’s involvement has added another layer of intrigue and controversy to the show’s unfolding drama.

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Matthew Love Is Blind Gaslighting Details

Matthew Duliba stirred controversy by contesting the narrative depicted in “Love Is Blind,” regarding an incident where he seemingly walked out on Sarah during a conversation.

His decision to contest the show’s depiction has ignited a broader discussion among contestants and viewers, prompting scrutiny of reality TV authenticity.

Matthew Love Is Blind Gaslighting
Matthew Duliba from Love Is Blind season six is in controversy (Source: Buzzfeed News)

Fans have raised questions about Matthew’s behavior, noting instances where he seemed “awkward” during conversations with women.

Viewers expressed frustration when he abruptly left a conversation with contestant Sarah Ann, leading to accusations of rudeness.

Additionally, Matthew faced criticism for allegedly leading multiple women on with similar statements.

Furthermore, Matthew asserted that his portrayal on the show was inaccurate, following harsh criticism from viewers.

The 37-year-old financial advisor made these remarks in response to Love Is Blind’s recent Instagram post showcasing clips of his dates in the pods.

These actions, coupled with viewer perceptions of him as “weird” and “arrogant,” have resulted in media outlets labeling him as the “villain” of the season.

The official Love Is Blind page further fueled the controversy by sharing clips of Matthew’s awkward moments on Instagram.

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Is Season 6 Matthew Duliba Manipulative?

In Season 6, Matthew Duliba was accused of manipulation. Last week, a clip from the LIB account showed him giving numbered questions to the women in the pods.

Nevertheless, Matthew struggled to answer one himself, leading to an awkward moment when contestant Jessica flipped the script.

Additionally, footage surfaced of him seemingly walking out on Sarah-Ann during their conversation.

The LIB page captioned their post, “Oh no..that’s not..that’s not how conversation works,” prompting comments labeling Matthew as a huge “red flag” and “extremely rude.”

Matthew Love Is Blind Gaslighting
Matthew Duliba was accused of manipulation and rudeness (Source: Cosmopolitan)

While the LIB page didn’t tag Matthew in their post, they did tag the other contestants featured.

Matthew later accused the show of attempting to “smear” his character through clever editing.

He stated in the comments that he participated in the experiment sober and that there were misrepresentations and falsehoods in the portrayal.

Sarah-Ann called to confirm that Matthew didn’t walk out on her mid-conversation, stating, “Nope, he did not. I’ll let Matt speak on that but we are good.”

BuzzFeed has contacted Netflix for comment, and updates will be provided as the situation unfolds.

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