Meet Chloe Maddren Partner Jacob Lingard: Are They Married?

Who is Chloe Maddren Partner? Fans became curious after she revealed her relationship with her beloved boyfriend in her recent appearance on YeahMad.

Chloe Maddren is a popular, recognized personality among the humor critic and comedy community.

Australian comedian Chloe is known for her relatable comedy content, and the fans and viewers love her dad jokes. 

She rose to prominence among a broad audience after her appearance as one of the guest cast on the popular YouTube channel Yeahmad, which is loved by people for its comedy content.

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Who Is Chloe Maddren Partner Jacob Lingard? Wikipedia And Age

Chloe Maddren is open about her relationship status, as she often posts several photos with her boyfriend Jacob Lingard.

Jacob is a comedian and designer. He usually works on the design making of the comedy hustle and comedy nights.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he primarily works as the operations coordinator at Intuospace.

Based on the company, he works with specialists who focus on the clients’ affecting branding and retail marketing.

Besides this, Jacob is also engaged in stand-up comedy. He is a frequent guest of “The Sit Down Comedy Club”. Jacob mostly talks about life, relationships, family, and friends’ stories in his comedy content.

Chloe Maddren Partner
Chloe Maddren Partner, Jacob Lingard is a well-recognized comedian. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Jacob Lingard has been part of several media hubs and comedy hustles, which include Syn media, Sit Down comedy media, Brisbane Stage, and many others.

Jacob Lingard is a September boy born on 17 September, believed to be in his mid-thirties. 

Chloe Maddren partner, Jacob, is recognized and acknowledged by famous comedians in the country. Most of them state him as a charismatic storyteller, indescribable, and candid comedian.

Similarly, his content is concluded with a calm demeanor and related anecdotes that dissipate stress.

Chloe Maddren And Jacob Lingard Relationship Timeline

The utmost curiosity about comedian Chloe Maddren partner increased among the fans after she mentioned having a charming and supportive boyfriend.

In her appearance as a guest cast on the YouTube channel, Yeahmad Chole talked about having a romantic partner. Before this, she also mentioned Jacob in her several talkshow and podcasts.

The sweet love story of the two love birds commenced on 29 August 2021. They met at a stand-up comedy night by a mutual friend, Takashi Wakasugi, around June 2021.

Chloe Maddren Partner
It’s been two years since Chloe and Jacob started their relationship. (Source: Instagram)

After that, meeting and dating deepens between Chloe and Jacob, which ultimately results in progress in their relationship as lovers. Recently, on 29 August 2023, the couple celebrated their second relationship anniversary in Brisbane, Australia.

The sweet aroma of their relationship is all around social media. Chole and her boyfriend Jacob often post about their precious moment along with the lovely captions. Fans love these two cuties more than anyone.

Are Chloe Maddren And Jacob Lingard Married?

No, the couple is yet to get tied in the wedding knot. They are not married and are enjoying their dating days.

Chloe Maddren and her partner Jacob Lingard are busy making careers and shaping their future. Moreover, they might be busy with their schedules.

Chloe Maddren Partner
The marriage plans of Chloe and Jacob are still unknown to the fans. (Source: Instagram)

Therefore, it is challenging to predict their marriage plans. Still, it might be that the couple is planning their future together and will soon announce their marriage dates on their social media.

Otherwise, they are still thinking that far and enjoying their love life to the fullest. What the future holds is still to be seen.

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