Meet Todd Matshikiza Brother Gordon, Meekly, Sipho And Themba

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Todd Tozama Matshikiza was a South African Jazz pianist, composer, writer, and journalist. He is known for his unique and incredible contribution to the African music Industry.

Throughout his lifetime, Todd dedicated his time to his passion for music and created Hamba Kahle– a perfect blending of African traditional and European classical styles.

Besides the musical field, Matshikiza worked as a Journalist for many years and advocated for the rights and freedom of Black South African music.

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Todd Matshikiza Brother: Meekly Matshikiza Was Todd Inspiration

Todd Matshikiza grew up playing in the alleys of Johannesburg with his six siblings. 

Todd was born as the youngest son in the family and had two elder sisters, Grace and Winifred, and four elder brothers, Gordon, Meekly, Sipho, and Themba Matshikiza.

Todd was close to his brothers and sisters, but his closeness was more with his elder brother, Meekly Matshikiza.

Todd Matshikiza brother, Meekly, was an influential Jazz musician who led various touring bands of that time. Similarly, he had the exceptional skill in piano.

Meekly’s ability to learn the note in some minutes and his skill to play the piano at any place up to any time limit had earned him a nickname, ” Fingertips.”

Todd Matshikiza brother, Meekly, inspired him to pursue his passion for music. Todd used to follow his elder brother for various events and programs.

Todd Matshikiza Brother
Todd Matshikiza’s elder brother Meekly was his initial inspiration for music and Jazz. (Source: Youtube)

Meekly Matshikiza passed his undying passion for Jazz to his youngest brother, Todd, and taught him improvisation skills and techniques.

During his initial days in the musical field, Todd was part of one of the Meekly’s Bands and practiced as a professional musician under his brother’s influence.

The personal details of Todd Matshikiza’s brother, Mekkly, are unknown to the public, and the same goes for the eldest brother, Gordon Matshikiza.

Todd Matshikiza’s eldest brother, Gordon, was more oriented to the family and familial responsibility; thus, there is barely any specific information about him.

However, Todd respected him and was impressed by his brother’s sense of responsibility and politeness.

Todd Matshikiza Brother: Themba Was An Activist

When Todd Matshikiza was a journalist and freelance writer for various British journals, he wrote many articles on Black life and racial discrimination.

With him, his elder brother Themba advocated against racial mixing, humiliation, after-hours culture, and gangster dominance in the Johannesburg city.

Themba Matshikiza also worked with his brother Todd and was part of activism against racial discrimination for a long time.

Afterward, he left the group and opened a small business outside the city with his family.

In the middle of the 1960s, the activism writers were exiled from the country; at that time, only Todd was linked with the campaign; thus, he was compelled to leave South Africa.

Todd Matshikiza Brother
Todd Matshikiza’s brothers were the important figures in his life. (Source: Facebook)

Fortunately, Todd Matshikiza brother, Themba, was in his home country with his family.

Shipo Matshikiza was Todd’s other elder brother, whose details are unknown to the public, like the eldest brother, Gordon. However, it is believed that Shipo worked with Todd in music for some time and later left.

Todd Matshikiza brothers were an inspiration to him, and they were also with him in each step Todd took, whether it was to fight against the system or lead his life in a foreign country.

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