Megan Khang Husband: Is She Married To Boyfriend Steven Stanis Lawzyk

Megan Khang, born on October 23, 1997, has made a significant mark in professional golf. 

She comes from the United States and is well-known as a prominent figure on the LPGA Tour.

Khang is a pioneer as the first player with Hmong and Laotian heritage to compete on this tour.

Besides her impressive golf skills, Khang closely connects with actress Kathryn Newton.

They became friends when they were young and used to compete against each other in AJGA events.

Newton, known for her acting talent, shifted her focus from golf to acting after high school.

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Megan Khang Husband: Not Married But Engaged To Boyfriend Steven Stanis Lawzyk

Megan Khang, the acclaimed golf sensation, is yet to share her vows; however, she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Steven Stanis Lawzyk. 

Moreover, Khang has taken a significant step in her personal life as she recently got engaged to her longtime partner, Steven.

Indeed, Khang is enjoying her career success with her husband-to-be, Steven.

Talking about Megan and her fiancĂ©’s love story, the duo generally maintained a discrete stance regarding her romantic affairs.

Nevertheless, a glimpse into her personal life was offered in 2020 when the golfer shared a captivating snapshot on her Instagram handle.

To put it straightforwardly, the post featured Megan alongside her boyfriend Steven.

Despite this, the golf prodigy has chosen to uphold a veil of privacy around her partner.

Khang has garnered considerable attention for her prowess on the golf course, yet her off-course life has mainly remained secluded from the public eye.

Megan has embraced a predilection for safeguarding her matters.

Megan Khang husband
Megan Khang is engaged to her husband to be Steven Stanis Lawzyk. (Source: Instagram)

This unwavering commitment to privacy has effectively preserved the sanctity of her bond with Steven Stanis Lawzyk.

Intriguingly, Megan Khang has yet to offer any insights into her forthcoming nuptials, further intensifying the intrigue surrounding her romantic journey.

With her steadfast silence on wedding arrangements and dates, the golf luminary has successfully evaded the probing eyes of the media and her ardent followers.

By meticulously keeping the details of her personal life under wraps, Megan has reinforced the notion that some facets of fame are best shielded from the public gaze.

As Megan Khang’s journey in both her professional and personal spheres unfolds, it is apparent that she has deftly mastered the art of compartmentalization.

While Megan amasses accolades on the green, her relationship with Steven Stanis Lawzyk remains a secluded haven, untouched by the media glare.

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Megan Khang Caddie: Who Is Her Professional Partner On The Field?

In the dynamic world of professional golf, Megan Khang’s journey is uniquely intertwined with her choice of caddies, each playing a pivotal role in her success.

Megan’s father, Lee Khang, was instrumental in introducing her to the sport, serving as her steadfast caddie during her formative years as an amateur and her initial steps onto the tour.

However, as her career took flight upon joining the tour in 2016, Megan considered giving her father a well-deserved respite from the caddying duties.

Over the years, Megan Khang’s caddie selection has evolved, reflecting her commitment to refining her professional approach while nurturing her bonds.

Megan teamed up with Kurt Moskaly in her journey towards excellence, hailing from Ohio.

Kurt complements Megan’s skills and guides her through the golf course challenges.

This partnership bore its fruits and contributed to Megan’s growth in the sport.

Megan Khang has embarked on a new chapter in her career with the seasoned Jack Fulghum by her side.

Megan Khang husband
Megan Khang with her professional partner on the golf course. (Source: Instagram)

This pairing proved a game-changer, as Fulghum’s wealth of experience brought a fresh perspective to her game.

Their collaboration culminated in an impressive performance during the 2023 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

Moreover, Megan secured a remarkably tied third finish at that competition.

This achievement not only underscored her prowess but also showcased the significant impact of her partnership with Fulghum on the grand stage of professional golf.

The prestigious tournament at Baltusrol earned Megan Khang accolades and a substantial purse of $423,070.

This tangible success is a testament to the harmonious synergy between her skills and Fulghum’s seasoned guidance.

Thus, as of 2023, Jack Fulghum is Megan Khang’s partner on the field. His expertise has helped the 5ft 1in tall golfer break new milestones, and they will surely do it more soon. 

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