Miguel Clariá Wikipedia And Edad: Esposa And Hijos

Argentine viewers have wanted to learn about Miguel Clariá wikipedia as the journalist continues to host the morning segment in Radioinforme 3. He is an Argentine radio journalist awarded twice with the prestigious Konex Award.

The Argentine journalist Miguel Clariá has been working for Radioinforme 3 for over 30 years and is considered an icon of Argentine journalism.

He has garnered significant fame in the field and is a celebrated figure with many years of experience. Miguel also has a website Miguel Clariá where he writes on the contemporary and triggering issues of society.

The renowned journalist started his journey as a sports journalist and credited his back experiences for all the success he has had as a host of the Radioinforme 3 program, broadcasted by Cadena 3. 

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Miguel Clariá Wikipedia And Edad

Miguel Clariá is an Argentine journalist and professor born on November 21, 1942. He has been active professionally since 1976 and continues to contribute as a Radio Journalist.

Clariá is 81 years old as of 2024, living a healthy and active life to date. He was born and raised in Argentina but has traveled around the world in the course of his education and work.

The Argentine Journalist obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the National University of Córdoba and pursued a Master’s degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

Clariá first started his career as a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities (UNC) after passing a competitive examination. However, his position was terminated during the preliminary stages of the 1976 coup. 

Miguel Claria Wikipedia
Miguel Claria is an Argentine journalist and the host of Radioinforme 3. (Source: Cadena3)

Moving on, he started as a sports journalist at the old Diario Córdoba, marking the beginning of his professional journalism journey. Throughout his career, he has worked in various media outlets, including print, radio, news agencies, and television in Córdoba. 

The journalist has also served as a correspondent for Radio Miter, covering events on all continents, including presidential elections in countries such as the United States, Brazil, France, and Spain. 

For the past 20 years, he has been a significant contributor to Teleocho Noticias. Likewise, he works as a columnist for Teleocho Noticias, a Telefe group channel where he hosted the journalistic program “A decir verdad” for eleven years.

Since 1992, Miguel has hosted the Radioinforme 3 program, broadcasted by Cadena 3 from Córdoba and dozens of other stations in the country. For all his dedication and achievements in journalism, he was awarded the Konex Prize twice, in 2007 and 2017.

Miguel Clariá Esposa And Hijos

Miguel Clariá has earned himself a big name in the field of journalism and is a renowned figure among his followers. Unlike his professional life, his personal life is not much exposed to the public.

The Argentine Journalist has not revealed many details about his family, including his wife and children. Hence, there are no details available about them. He has also not shared the number of children he has had with his wife.

However, he married a woman whom he loves unconditionally, and the two have spent significant years in each other’s company.

Talking about the support he has had from his wife since the beginning of his career, he mentioned that during his time at UCLA, he and his esposa worked as babysitters, caring for their colleagues’ children.

Additionally, Miguel has a big supportive family who has been by his side in all his highs and lows.

Miguel Claria Wikipedia
Miguel Claria has a big family that includes his children and grandchildren. (Source: Facebook)

The journalist has children and grandchildren as well. Despite the lack of information, his big family can be confirmed by the picture he posted on his Facebook account, where he is seen with his other family members.

Clariá has led a blissful family life providing for his children as well as has attained professional success with prestigious awards. Considering that, it’s safe for us to say that he has lived a content and accomplished life, both personally and professionally.

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