Mike Norvell Brother: Is He Related To Jay Norvell?

Who is Mike Norvell brother? Is the American football coach related to Jay Norvell?

In the field of American college football, Mike Norvell is a well-known name that is known to everyone. Mike currently serves as the coach head at Florida State.

Prior to this, he worked as the head coach at Memphis and Central Arkansas.

Before, he started his career as the coach, and Norvell is also a former American footballer who played as wide receiver at the University of Central Arkansas from 2001 to 2005.

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Mike Norvell Brother: He Has Three Siblings

Born in Irving, Texas, USA, Mike Norvell grew up with his brothers and sisters. Mike is the eldest son of his mother, Kelly Wood, and father, Mr. Norvell.

Apparently, Mike has two younger brothers and one younger sister. He prefers to keep his relationships with his siblings private and did not offer many specifics about his upbringing outside the football world.

Moreover, it is known that all of his siblings are not associated with football. Similarly, they are the graduates of Texas University. 

Mike Norvell Brother
Mike Norvell has three younger siblings and they are sports enthugiastic. (Source: Espn)

The private nature of Mike Norvell is the primary reason that the information of his parents and siblings is far from being disclosed.

Moreover, Mike Norvell brother and sister are not aware of the media life and are leading their peaceful time with their own respected family.

Is Mike Norvell Related To Jay Norvell? Relationship Explained

The straight response to the query whether Mike Norvell is related to Jay Norvell is a no. The two American Football coaches are not associated with each other. 

Despite bearing the same surname and being associated with the same profession, Mike and Jay Norvell are unrelated.

Mike and Jay barely crossed paths while coaching their respective teams. Despite being on time, both served as a coach at Arizona State Sun Devils football.

In early 2016, when Mike Norvell was about to leave the team and Jay was joining Arizona, they worked together for some time. 

Their cooperation and togetherness result in confusion and questions among the fans about whether they are brothers.

Mike Norvell Brother
Jay Norvell is not Mike Norvell brother and they are unrelated. (Source: Reporterherald)

Jay Norvell being 61 years old and Mike Norvell being 42 years old bemused many audiences to speculate them as father and son also.

However, all these estimations are justified as false statements because Jay and Mike are unrelated to familial and blood relations. 

They are the serving coaches of their respected teams and might be by a professional conversation and relation whenever their teams face each other as competitors.

Jay Norvell Brother Aaron Is An Actor 

American football coach Jay Norvell has a younger brother, Aaron Norvell, who is a professional actor.

Aaron started his acting career in 1999 with a small role in How to Become Famous. Before his acting career, Aaron was a college-level American football player.

Jay Norvell’s brother Aaron played as a Linebreaker at the Wisconsin college, where his brother Jay and father Meritt Norvell played. Besides these, Aaron was also a football agent for the “Colonial Athletic Association”. 

Mike Norvell Brother
Jay Norvell has a younger brother Aaron Norvell who is a former American footballer and now works as a professional actor. (Source: Nevadasportsnet)

However, Aaron later chose a different career from the pathway made by his father and elder brother Jay. 

Aaron has worked in several movies and TV shows, including Chuck Gordon: Professional Juror, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Sandman, Crossing Jordan, and Desperate Housewives.

Looking at the details of Mike Norvell brother and the brother of Jay Norvell and also analyzing the information about their siblings, it is concluded that Mike Norvell is not related to Jay Norvell according to personal and familial terms.

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