Meet Milan Lucic Brother: Who Are Jovan and Nikola Lucic?

Explore Lucic’s family dynamics with insights into his Serbian heritage and discover the roles of Milan Lucic brothers, including Jovan and Nikola, in his personal and athletic journey.

Milan Lucic, born on June 7, 1988, is a Canadian professional ice hockey player renowned for his physical prowess as a power forward for the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League (NHL).

With a notable international presence, Lucic captained the Canadian national junior team at the 2007 Super Series.

However, recent developments have cast a shadow over his career, as the Boston Bruins announced his “indefinite leave of absence” following his reported involvement in an alleged domestic incident.

The organization has committed to supporting Lucic and his family during this challenging time.

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Milan Lucic Brother: Jovan and Nikola Lucic

Milan Lucic, the Canadian ice hockey power forward, has two brothers, Jovan and Nikola, contributing to a diverse family background.

While limited personal details about Nikola are available, his presence in Milan’s family adds to the layers of their personal lives.

Jovan Lucic, the older brother, is a football goalkeeper with Canadian and Serbian citizenship.

Born in Vancouver, he initially played with the Serbian White Eagles in Vancouver before making his mark internationally.

Jovan’s football journey led him to Budućnost Dobanovci, showcasing his skills as a goalkeeper.

Notably, during the second half of the 2013–14 season, Jovan Lucic ventured into the Macedonian First League, playing for FK Gorni Lisiče. This demonstrated his versatility and commitment to his football career.

Milan Lucic Family
Milan Lucic with his brother Nikola and Jovan and their parents. (Image source: Instagram)

Interestingly, Jovan shares Milan’s passion for ice hockey, having played for the Burnaby-based club White Eagles in the Adult Safe Hockey League.

Jovan’s dual sporting prowess extended to professional ice hockey, where he played in the Serbian Hockey League from 2013 to 2015.

During his football winter breaks, he showcased his talent on the ice for HK Beostar.

This blend of football and ice hockey pursuits reflects the athletic spirit running in the Lucic family.

While details about Nikola Lucic remain elusive, the dynamic achievements of Milan and Jovan highlight the family’s involvement in diverse sporting endeavors.

The Lucic brothers, each carving their path in different sports, contribute to the rich tapestry of their athletic heritage.

Milan Lucic Family and Ethnicity

Milan Lucic’s family and ethnic background provide a rich tapestry of Serbian heritage woven into the fabric of his Canadian upbringing.

Born in East Vancouver to Dobrivoje “Dobro” Lučić and Snežana Kesa, Milan’s roots trace back to a Serbian couple who embarked on a new life in North America.

Dobro, Milan’s father, worked as a longshoreman in Vancouver after immigrating from Serbia at 27.

Snežana, Milan’s mother, also made the journey to Vancouver at a young age, as her parents relocated from Serbia when she was just two years old.

The Lucic family extends to Milan’s siblings, with a younger brother named Nikola and an older brother named Jovan.

The familial ties deepen as Milan’s maternal uncle, Dan Kesa, emerges as a retired NHL right winger.

Milan Lucic parents
Milan Lucic’s parents, Dobro (left) and Snezana (right) Lucic, are Serbian immigrants. (Image source: The Globe and Mail)

Dan Kesa’s storied career includes playing for notable teams such as the Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Dallas Stars.

While Milan holds Canadian citizenship, his precise ancestry remains unknown, adding an air of mystery to his heritage.

Despite this, he maintains a solid connection to his Serbian roots, frequently visiting Serbia during the offseason.

Milan’s commitment to his heritage is evident in his attendance at his brother Jovan’s wedding in Belgrade in 2014, underscoring the importance of family and tradition.

The Lucic family’s story includes immigration, adaptation, and celebration of cultural diversity. Milan bridges his Canadian identity and the Serbian heritage that shapes his familial bonds and personal experiences.

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