Mona Kattan Children: Does She Have A Daughter? Husband

Mona Kattan children, she doesn’t seem to have any at the moment. Mona might have plans to have someday in the future, but now she has not given birth.

Mona Monica Kattan is an Iraqi-American beauty entrepreneur and personality, who holds key roles in various ventures.

Khattan co-founded and serves as the Global President of Huda Beauty, founded Kayali Fragrance, and is the president of HB Investments.

Additionally, Mona co-starred in the reality web TV series, Huda Boss, on Facebook Watch.

Born in Oklahoma City, Mona moved to Cookeville, Tennessee, and later to North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, before relocating to the United Arab Emirates in 2003.

Mona completed her high school diploma in business and science at the Sharjah American International School and attended the American University of Sharjah from 2003 to 2008, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.

Initially, Mona began her career in investment banking at DBS Bank in Dubai.’

However, Mona transitioned into the entrepreneurial world, co-founding MasterMind PR & Communications with Mustafa Mahdi.

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Mona Kattan Children: Does She Have A Daughter? Find Out

Mona Kattan has a lot of followers that she has accumulated over the years who are always interested in unraveling various life details of hers.

Lately, people have developed a keen interest in knowing about Mona Kattan’s children.

Despite the keen interest developed by the public, there happens to be no credible sources claiming the presence of a daughter in Mona’s life.

Neither has the entrepreneur herself announced the news of her being a mommy anytime soon.

Mona Kattan Child
Mona Kattan has not announced her pregnancy. (Source: Instagram)

Being a mother requires a lot of planning and preparedness, and Mona might be doing that for now.

Mona might have planned for a baby someday in the future, but now she seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest while also taking steps to take her business to greater heights.

If someday in the future Mona Kattan is planning a baby, she will surely announce and share it with her beloved followers on her social media platform as her dedicated followers are always waiting to hear her updates.

For now, let us leave this topic and not invade someone’s perter.

Who Is Mona Kattan Husband?

People have also been interested in Mona Kattan’s romantic entanglement.

Mona is happily married to Hassan Elamin, who is an entrepreneur based in Dubai.

The couple tied the knot on February 22, 2022.

Mona Kattan Husband
Mona Kattan got married in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Celebrating their first anniversary, Hassan expressed his joy in an Instagram post where he poured all the love he had for his beautiful wife, Mona.

For those curious about their love story, Mona shared two entertaining “Get To Know My FiancĂ©” videos on YouTube.

In these videos (Part 1 and Part 2), you can learn all about their relationship and what makes them click.

In a YouTube video titled “Get To Know My FiancĂ©, Hassan!” posted by Mona Kattan, she shares how they met years ago and were friends on Facebook before they started dating.

Mona confesses, “I had a crush on him,” and as the video unfolds, you get to learn more about her husband and their journey together.

Hassan’s sister and Mona attended the same university, where they were friends.

The couple started dating in 2021 after being friends for a while.

When asked what he finds attractive about Mona, Hassan sweetly responds, “Everything. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, and kindest woman I’ve ever seen.” It’s a heartwarming love story!

The couple often shares a glimpse of their time on their social profile.

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