Mrwhosetheboss Wife Or Girlfriend Dhrisha: YouTuber Arun Maini Dating Timeline

Mrwhosetheboss wife has been a hot topic of discussion on the internet ever since he revealed his partner’s face on his Instagram. Many fans and tech enthusiasts want to know his marital status as well as his dating timeline.

Mrwhosetheboss, aka Arun Maini, is a popular British Indian tech YouTuber and influencer known for his technology-related content, including smartphone reviews, comparisons of different devices, and tech news.

Born on October 24, 1995, Maini did schooling at Nottingham High School and then completed his formal education at the University of Warwick with first-class honors in Economics.

The influencer started his tech review journey on April 20, 2011, by creating a youtube channel called ‘Mrwhosetheboss.’ He was only 16 years old at the time. Now, the same youtube channel has made him one of the top creators in the UK.

With over 14 million followers and over 3 billion watch-time on YouTube, he has been appreciated by tech enthusiasts for his engaging, in-depth reviews and analysis of the latest gadgets.

At just 27 years old, he inspires many budding YouTubers.

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Mrwhosetheboss Girlfriend Turned Wife To Be Dhrisha

As of today, Drisha is Mrwhosetheboss’s girlfriend, fiancé to be exact. The couple got engaged on February 6, 2023, and has started planning their wedding. So, it will take no time for Dhrisha to become Mrwhosetheboss Wife.

The engagement was a meticulously planned surprise that Mrwhosetheboss had prepared for over a year. He wanted to make it a unique and memorable experience for Dhrisha.

To accomplish this, he created a real-life puzzle game inspired by significant events in their relationship.

These events included their first date, a late-night date, a video game date, a date at the park, and ultimately, the proposal.

Mrwhosetheboss Wife
Mrwhosetheboss planned a surprise proposal for his girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to their upcoming marriage, Mrwhosetheboss has embarked on a weight loss journey, starting on May 28, 2022.

Although he hasn’t explicitly mentioned it, it appears that he is making a subtle effort to look perfect on their wedding day.

This showcases his thoughtfulness and dedication to ensuring their special day is as memorable as possible.

Although the marriage date is not disclosed publicly, he mentioned they have started planning their big day.

Mrwhosetheboss holds Dhrisha in high regard, considering her his soulmate. He dreams of growing old with her, and she is indeed fortunate to have him as a life partner.

YouTuber Arun Maini Dating Timeline

Despite having a well-documented professional life, the YouTuber has always been very quiet about his personal life and people close to him.

Further, he had kept his love life a secret until he revealed his girlfriend’s face on Instagram a year ago, on April 21, 2023. However, many things about the influencer’s dating life have come to the knowledge of the public after his proposal video.

Maini mentioned in the proposal video that he met Dhrisha for the first time at a bar on a Monday. Apart from that, nothing is known about their first date.

It is unknown if they had talked online before; however, what is known is that the pair felt an instant connection, and their dates multiplied quickly.

Mrwhosetheboss Wife
Arun attended an Italian wedding with his girlfriend on July 18, 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Making a big move to their unnamed connection, he asked Dhrisha to be her girlfriend on February 6, 2020. His prayers were rightly answered when Disha accepted him with a wide smile.

Their family background, origin, and interests perfectly matched each other, making them soulmates.

After more than two years of their relationship, he finally made his relationship Instagram-official by revealing his girlfriend’s face.

The couple then went on different adventures and vacations together and fell deeper and deeper in love. The influencer finally asked her to be his ‘forever’ on Monday, February 6, 2023, on their third anniversary.

The soon-to-be-married couple is inseparable. Their relationship exemplifies love, support, and commitment, setting a solid foundation for a beautiful future together.

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