Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia And Âge: How Old Is The Model?

After garnering popularity over the years, Naadei Lyonnais wikipedia demand has been all-time high for the fans this year. Who is this multitalented model?

Professionally, Naadei has established herself in the Quebec music industry by contributing her voice and writing to various local musicians, from Dead Obies to Win Butler. And she is also a well-known fashion model in Canada.

She had opened for Wyclef Jean’s tour in Africa and Europe following worldwide collaborations with Booba, LilJon, and 2Chainz, performing alone on roughly thirty stages, including SXSW, Osheaga, CMW, and NXNE.

This multitalented star was raised in Rouyn and arrived in Montreal in 2005, saturated with the punk influence and the skate scene. But she quickly learned about the city’s vibrant urban culture and adopted it.

Because of her unusual upbringing and mixed ancestry, she could move between the various Quebecois subcultures effortlessly.

Naadei is passionate about archives and folklore and prominently communicates her love of diversity and respect for tradition through an eclectic style. Also, her fame led her to join The Grammys in 2018.

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Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia And Âge: How Old Is The Model?

In an article in La Presse published on September 29, 2020, columnist Hugo Dumas reveals that he learned the age of the beautiful Naadei is 34. This means the beauty was born in 1986 and,d as per her own Instagram posts, on April 10. 

Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia
Naadei Lyonnaisis posing for a Picture. (Source: Instagram)

When the official candidates of Occupation Double Chez Nous, a popular show in Canada, fans noticed that the only person hiding their age was Naadei. The model, project manager and singer-songwriter always preferred to keep this information to herself.

There is limited information available about who her parents are. But as mentioned above,e she was raised in Rouyn, Canada.

Also, it can be understood that her ancestry includes a big part of the French and African sub-culture. Being raised in Canada, a she is the epitome of multi-dimensional talent.

The model has worked for famed brands like St Laurent, Zara, Artizia, H&M, etc. Her modeling pictures are also available with details on the website of Véro.

Her IMDb profile also provides the following credentials about her filmography: Avant le crash (2022), Lou Phelps feat. Jazz Cartier: Come Inside (2018) and Les voleurs d’identité (2020).

Other Professional Endeavors Of Naadei Lyonnais

The model and singer have co-founded Moto-Made with fashion designer Philippe Durocher. Together, they oversee initiatives, including the Mural Festival’s visual identity, the A5 group’s musical and event programming, and the development of capsule collections for Overtime clothes.

She also became the creative director at the JJJJound studio in 2018 thanks to her diverse background, where she works with Justin Saunders to bring concepts to life, particularly for Adidas, Kanye West, APC, Rimowa, Kanuk, and Reebok.

Naadei Lyonnais Wikipedia
Naadei Lyonnais (left) with the band The Boys. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she was hired by VICE Media in 2017 to work in television as she was first pointed out for having access to places that were considered “underground.” The media personality conducted the interviews and also handled the episode animation.

The “long content/documentary” crew also used her as a host for a series of photos taken across Canada the following year.

In 2020, Naadei started working on and hosting the Télé-Québec documentary Thieves of Identity, which L’actualité and Les Productions Bazzo Bazzo made.

Naadei also made an appearance on a daily show that aired on Noovo in 2020 as well. 2021 found Naadei at the helm of the Quebec adaptation of Love Island on TVA.

Additionally, she established the UDI in 2021 in partnership with Me Laliberté and the UDA to assist in regulating the working conditions for new-media artists. Infrequently, Urbania, VICE, Elle Quebec, and Goodee magazines publish works by Naadei.

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