ID Series: Natalia Grace Spondyloepiphyseal And Health Condition 2023

Natalia Grace Spondyloepiphyseal Dwarfism has been a topic of interest among netizens ever since her mysterious case came to light. This article will provide every detail related to her disease and health condition as of 2023.

Before getting into the story, let’s first understand the history behind her mysterious case. The case begins with a couple, Michael Burnett and Kristine Burnett, who gets called by an adoption agency in Florida.

The adoption agency had called the couple for a closed adoption of a six-year-old Ukrainian orphan, Natalie. Giving a little backstory, the little girl had lived with almost 30 families before the couple decided to adopt her.

Born with a rare form of dwarfism and other medical conditions requiring surgery, Natalia’s life drastically changed when her adoptive family claimed she was an adult impersonating a child.

The Barnetts first became suspicious of Natalia when they allegedly noticed unusual physical and behavioral traits that didn’t align with her claimed age.

Further, they alleged that Natalia exhibited disturbing behavior, including attempted murder and threats of violence. The case went to court, and Natalia’s legal age was changed to 22.

She was then shifted to an apartment nearby her adoptive family, where she allegedly lived alone. However, her adoptive family provided her with a travel nurse to take care of her until they moved to Canada.

The circumstances surrounding Natalia’s true age and the events that unfolded in the Barnett household have sparked heated debates and speculation.

Some believe the family’s claims, while others question their credibility. The case has raised questions about the complexities of adoption, mental health, and trust boundaries.

The same case has now been turned into a three-part series by Investigation Discovery(ID) which will run nightly from 9-11 p.m. ET/PT beginning Monday, May 29.

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ID Series: Natalia Grace Has A From Of Dwarfism Called Spondyloepiphyseal

Natalia Grace has a form of Dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SEDc). So, what is SEDc?

SEDc is a rare genetic disorder that affects skeletal development, leading to short stature and skeletal abnormalities, primarily in the spine and long bones.

The condition is caused by a mutation in the COL2A1 gene on chromosome 12, which affects the body’s collagen and connective tissues. It is an uncommon disorder that affects less than one in every 100,000 births.

This form of dwarfism is present at birth and is characterized by vision and hearing issues. People with SEDc have shortened legs, arms, and spine, while their hands, feet, and head remain of regular size.

Natalia Grace Spondyloepiphyseal
An old picture of Natalia Grace when she lived with the Burnett family. (Source: Twitter)

Natalia’s adoptive family had complete knowledge of her condition of dwarfism even though they were given a short time for adoption. Further, they reportedly aspired to positively impact Natalis’s life despite her health condition.

They had adopted her as a family member with limited knowledge that she was a six-year-old. Being good parents, they would arrange a playdate with a child with the same medical condition in their locality.

However, they soon noticed that Natalia’s head size was substantially bigger than the other child having a similar condition. Grace’s head looked more adult-like and was substantially bigger.

Apart from that, her grown sexual organs, irrational behavior, and medical tests showed she was an adult pretending to be a child.

Her adoptive parents still believe that she took advantage of her condition to get into the family with the objective of killing them.

Natalia Grace Health Condition 2023

Natalia Grace Barnett’s health condition in 2023 remains largely unknown due to a court-imposed gag order on discussing the neglect case involving her adoptive parents, Michael and Kristine Barnett.

Natalia’s story gained significant media attention after allegations surfaced that the Barnetts had abandoned her in 2013. After being left alone in America by her parents, Natalia faced a series of challenges.

In 2014, she was evicted from her apartment, but soon after, she found new guardians in Antwon and Cynthia Mans, who unofficially adopted her.

In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against the Barnetts, prompting Natalia and her unofficial parents to discuss the alleged neglect on Dr. Phil’s show.

Following the interview, her adoptive mother, Kristine Barnett, also presented her side of the story. This made it difficult for the authorities to maintain secrecy and integrity about the case.

Natalia Grace Spondyloepiphyseal
Natalia Grace(right) currently lives with her unofficial adoptive parents. (Source: DailyMail)

To maintain the integrity of the court proceedings, Judge Steve Meyer issued a gag order on November 14, 2019.

This order prohibited all parties involved, including Natalia, her adoptive parents, and their respective attorneys, from making extrajudicial statements about the case or each other.

As a result, Natalia has not publicly appeared, granted interviews, or been seen in media outlets. Consequently, obtaining accurate information about her current health condition has proven challenging.

However, as of 2019, when she was last seen, Natalia walked with the help of a walking aid, appeared to be in good care, and seemed to be doing well with her unofficial parents.

While the specifics of Natalia Grace Barnett’s health condition in 2023 remain undisclosed due to legal restrictions, it is hoped that she is receiving the care and support she needs.

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