What Is Coming On Netflix July 2020 New Releases, Movies, Shows, Documentaries

With the new month coming up this 2020, there are a lot of tv shows that are having their upcoming series ready for the fans. Although there is a lot of Covid-19 pandemic going on, no shows are getting canceled, and we think that is also another good thing for Netflix fanatics. So here are all the list of the shows, movies, and documentaries with their release date on this July. Let’s jump to the list.

What Is Coming On Netflix July 2020 New Releases, Movies, Shows, Documentaries

July 1

Unsolved Mysteries (New Documentary)

This American documentary is all based on the cold cases and paranormal stories that genuinely occurred. The tale is very classic and is ran by Shawn Levy. Get ready for the 12 new thrilling stories.

July 3

The Baby-Sitters Club (New)

It is a beautiful story of six girls who are studying in just Seventh grade. So, what new do we get here apart from the typical teenage love? When it’s about teenagers, the story always does not have to be about their life, changing after bumping into some hot guys, right?

netflix july 2020
Netflix July 2020 Releases The Babysitters Club

The six individual have their own side stories, problems, and insecurity. However, one thing which surely abides them is their work. Yes, they are the young babysitter in the town. You should make a phone call if you need one after watching the series or to watch the series ( We are just kidding).

Desperados (New Movie)

If you are in your 30s and single to what extent are you planning to get the dream man of your life? Just imagine what if you bumped into a guy, and you instantly clicked like in good old movies. He is handsome, caring, wealthy, wants to have kids, and even has a duvet cover but does not text you back? And it’s already five days late.

Well, like every other girl, you gather up a bunch of girls and send him sarcastic, regretful, and life-threatening messages. Nothing new, right? So what about that guy calls you back from Mexico saying, “I was in a car accident so I could not get in touch with you.”Imagining is hard; you can soothe out your nerve by watching this new movie.

Ju-On: Origins ( New Series)

The extremely terrifying ghost from The Grudge is not done yet. She is back, and this time with a more thrilling, chilling, and strong story that will swirl your mind. Going back to the history of the show, it all started in the ’90s, which has released 13 movies until now, including this American remake.

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July 6

The Hater (New Movie)

This new movie is made by Polish filmmaker Jan Komasa which truly reflects how social media and the internet can influence one’s life negatively. A bright young man gets a job at a PR firm where he destroys people life using his talent, but later, things become even worst.

July 8

Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado ( New Documentary)

It is a playful documentary that shows the biography of Puerto Rican star astrologer Walter Mercado. His message of peace, harmony, and love towards all over the world is what made him a true icon.

Stateless (New series)

Based on true events, this Australian series circles around Australia’s flawed immigration system. Several people are caught and put in isolation just because they look different, and they don’t belong there. The story is beautifully shown with the help of four families that are distinct from each other. However, their life coincides after being stuck in an immigration detention center.

July 9

Japan Sinks: 2020 (New Anime)

We all know that Japan is a place where an earthquake is not a new guest. But what we do not know is how that earthquake affected one’s life. To show this tragedy all over the world director, Masaaki Yuasa adapted a 1973 sci-fi novel written by Sakyo Komatsu. Long thing short, the story is all about the devastating earthquakes that sink most parts of Japan and the turmoil it brings to the people.

July 10

Dating Around Brazil (New Reality series)

Netflix has come up with a new Brazilian version of The Circle, which first aired in the US. This dating reality series will be bringing all the single people from brazil to find their ideal ones.

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The Old Guard (New Movie)

A group of five whose power is equal to an army is saving the world from the shadows. Led by a woman, they never tend to die just like Logan from the X-Men. They have been living for centuries and now are hiding from the world to prevent their existence.

July 16

Fatal Affair (New Movie)

The movie consists of a woman named Elle who is trying her best to repair her marriage after she encounters an old friend named David, who has a deeper darker intention.

July 24

The Kissing Booth 2( New Movie)

Finally, the sequel is back to pick up from where it first had left. The movie will be about how Joey King, who plays as Elle and Noah (Jacob Elordi), will survive their long-distance relationship. 


Dark Desire (New Series)

Long thing short, the series unfolds slowly about the intimidating relationship between a married woman and a young man she encounters while visiting her friends.

Offering to the Storm ( New Movie)

It is a sequel to Spanish movie The Invisible Guardian, where profound police investigate and encounter new stuff.

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July 31

The Umbrella Academy Season 2

This series needs no introduction because it is already famous and has been promoted to another season. It is about a bunch of superheroes who just has tremendous powers.

netflix july 2020
Netflix July 2020 Releases The Umbrella Academy


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