Nic Kerdiles Sister: Meet Mailys Lassalas And Marine Kerdiles, Brother

Nic Kerdiles sister: He was blessed with two of them. His sisters name are Mailys Lassalas and Marine Kerdiles.

Nic Kerdiles was an American former ice hockey player. Inaddition to that, he was a Global Real Estate Consultant, born in 1994, in Lewisville, Texas.

Talking about his career, Nic gained recognition for his career as a left-wing player in ice hockey, playing for teams such as the Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Jets.

Beyond his sports career, Nic Kerdiles was also known for his engagement to reality TV star Savannah Chrisley.

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Who Are Mailys Lassalas And Marine Kerdiles? Nic Kerdiles Sister

Nic Kerdiles was blessed with two sisters Mailys Lassalas and Marine Kerdiles. They are two significant individuals in his life.

These two sisters, Mailys and Marine, played a vital role in his life, and their close-knit bond is evident through Nic’s social media posts.

Taking a glimpse at Nic Kerdiles’ Instagram feed, it becomes clear that both of his sisters have found happiness in their respective marriages.

More than that, they have embraced the joys of parenthood, further strengthening their family connections.

Mailys Lassalas, one of Nic’s sisters, exchanged wedding vows with her husband, Adrien Lassalas.

Professionally, Adrien is recognized as a production manager at Provenza floors.

The couple has been blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, marking the arrival of the next generation in the Kerdiles family.

Nic Kerdiles Sister
Nic Kerdiles with his sisters. (Source: Instagram)

These little ones undoubtedly bring immeasurable joy to their lives.

Marine Kerdiles, Nic’s other sister, has also embarked on the journey of marriage and motherhood.

Although details about her husband remain undisclosed, what is certain is that they are parents to at least one child.

In a heartwarming Instagram post from 2017, Nic Kerdiles shared a picture featuring his sister, who, according to his caption, was on her way to a c-section delivery, welcoming a new addition to their family.

Both Mailys and Marine have been frequent and cherished guests on Nic’s social media profiles.

Their presence in his life is not just about blood ties but also about the enduring friendships and bonds that have grown between them.

Through shared milestones, celebrations, and the shared joy of raising their children, these sisters have shown that family remains at the core of Nic Kerdiles’ life.

They provided him with unwavering love and support as he pursues his professional career in the world of hockey.

Does Nic Kerdiles Have A Brother? Parents Details

Nic Kerdiles, the talented former ice hockey player, had a family that played a significant role in his life.

While many fans may wonder if he had any brothers, the answer is no.

Nic Kerdiles did not have any brothers from his parents’ side. Instead, he grew up in a close-knit family with two sisters, Mailys Lassalas and Marine Kerdiles, as already mentioned.

Growing up with two sisters, Nic Kerdiles experienced the unique dynamics of sibling relationships.

While he may not have had a brother, his sisters likely played a crucial role in shaping his character and values.

Despite not having biological brothers, he was fortunate to have brothers-in-law through his sisters’ marriages, adding depth to his family connections.

Nic Kerdiles was born on January 11, 1994, in Lewisville, Texas. Despite being born in Texas, his family had strong French roots.

Nic Kerdiles Sister
Nic Kerdiles sister with her husband and kids. (Source: Instagram)

His parents, Nathalie De Larminat-Kerdiles and Michel Kerdiles, brought a rich French cultural heritage to their household.

French was his first language, and he grew up in a bilingual environment, embracing both American and French cultures.

Tragically, Nic Kerdiles passed away in a motorcycle crash in Nashville. This devastating loss left his family and fans in shock and mourning.

He is survived by his parents, Nathalie De Larminat-Kerdiles and Michel Kerdiles, who undoubtedly cherished their son.

His sister, Mailys Lassalas, is another significant figure in Nic Kerdiles’ life.

Despite the challenges of distance and the demands of their respective lives, the bond between siblings is often unbreakable.

Mailys, like Nic, likely shared a close relationship with her parents and played a vital role in their family dynamics.

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