Noor Ahmad Parents: Father Muslehuddin Ahmed And Mother, Brother Mohammad Noor

Looking for information about Noor Ahmad parents? Meet Muslehuddin Ahmed, Noor Ahmad’s Father, and learn about his journey. Discover the family dynamics with Noor’s brother, Mohammad Noor and gain insights into their lives and background.

Noor Ahmad, an exceptional cricketer from Afghanistan, burst onto the international scene in June 2022 when he made his debut for the Afghanistan cricket team against Zimbabwe.

Likewise, best known for his prowess as a left-arm wrist spinner, Noor Ahmad’s talent has taken him to various cricket leagues across the globe.

The success story began when Noor Ahmad was only fifteen when Melbourne Renegades picked him up for their 2020-21 Big Bash League campaign; it was evident that this young player had immense potential.

Since then, Noor Ahmad’s talents have been recognized by various teams worldwide, like Saint Lucia Kings, Bangla Tigers, Karachi Kings, Galle Gladiators, Team Abu Dhabi and Welsh Fire.

No surprise that he boasts an impressive record both in T20 formats and longer formats of cricket. In fact, his first-class debut dates back to April 2019, when he represented the Kabil region at the Ahmed Shah Abdali 4-day tournament. 

Chennai Super Kings spotted these qualities early on when they selected him as part of their team for the 2021 Indian Premier League season. The experience proved beneficial for Noor Ahmed. It honed his skills even more and exposed him to priceless high-level competition.

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Meet Noor Ahmad Parents: Father Muslehuddin Ahmed And Mother

Afghanistan’s newest cricket sensation Noor Ahmad was born in Herat on January 3, 2005. Little is known about his mother, but it is evident that Noor initially didn’t have full backing from his father, Muslehuddin Ahmed, to pursue cricket. 

With education taking precedence over sport initially for Noor, it took exceptional skills displayed during practice sessions and leagues played for him to truly recognize what he wanted out of life, a career playing cricket.

Overcoming several early setbacks has been key to shaping this young cricketer into one who shows immense promise for the future.

Noor Ahmad Parents
Noor Ahmad with his father, Muslehuddin Ahmed. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, his grit and tenacity, amongst several other talents, have been pivotal in charting this path toward success, one that could see him play alongside some legendary names in cricket one day.

Similarly, for all budding cricketers out there struggling early on with their dreams, rest assured that if you have enough passion and commitment, anything can be achieved.

Finally, Noor Ahmad’s progress in the world of cricket has captured the attention of many, sparking great anticipation for his future accomplishments. As he continues on his path, all eyes remain fixed on him with eager curiosity and interest.

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Who Is Noor Ahmad Brother Mohammad Noor?

Growing up in the Herat district in Afghanistan, young Noor Ahmad was identified by his brother Ehsan as having an exceptional talent for spin bowling at just four years old.

His brother, Mohammad, encouraged him to pursue professional sports, and through this early start, he began playing cricket.

In an interview with journalists, Ahmad shared that his older sibling Mohammad supported him most on this journey: “He recognized my potential when I was still young,” said Ahmad about his older brother.

Noor Ahmad Parents
Noor Ahmad’s brother, Mohammad played the crucial role in his success as a cricketer. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, thanks to Mohammad’s initiative in enrolling him into local cricket academies, despite initial resistance from their father. Now, Ahmed has been able to hone both his academic skills and athletic abilities with great success.

Furthermore, their close kinship emphasizes the value of familial backing in steering one towards accomplishing one’s dreams by harnessing sheer grit combined with unyielding motivation alongside academic excellence.

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