Who Are Norbert Tarayre Origine Parents? Family Tree

Head Chef of Prince De Galles is back in the exciting journey of culinary through his Youtube channel, and fans are already tightening their chair and seat to enjoy the videos. Here, Learn about Chef Norbert Tarayre Origine Parents and learn more about him.

French chef Norbert Tarayre is known for his appearance in several French cooking shows and is loved for his food recipe and flavorsome taste.

The public and viewers first discovered Norbert during the Show Top Chef‘s third season in 2012, where he finished in third place.

Consecutively, Tarayre co-hosted the cooking show Norbert et Jean: Le Défi with Jean Imbert in the same year.

Norbert Tarayre has a wide range of knowledge in culinary. In addition to hosting and working as a chef, he writes cookbooks and teaches the junior chef to present food artistically and pleasantly.

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Who Are Norbert Tarayre Origine Parents?

In Enghien-les-Bains, Île-de-France, Norbert Tarayre was born on 22 September 1982 to French parents.

Norbert Tarayre’s parents were the native small-scale business person of their hometown. The chef barely talks about his parents in the media, programs, and interviews. 

For the first time, In The Jarry Show broadcast on Youtube, Norbert talked about his childhood, origine parents, and teenage years.

Forty years old Norbert Tarayre regards his mother as the pillar of his life. Her strong suggestion about life and work made Norbert more challenging and developed the passion of never giving up.

Similarly, Tarayre’s mother is the one who suggested he join culinary when he was struggling with career choices.

Moreover, his life is confined by his mother’s words, and still, he follows the suggestion she made when he was a rookie in the cooking field as a Chef.

Norbert Tarayre Origine Parents
Going through lots of struggles and dilemmas in life, Norbert Tarayre is now the top chef in the French Culinary world. (Source: Leprogres)

On the other hand, his relationship with his father is beyond ordinary imagination. In his childhood, Norbert Tarayre was more like a sportsperson, but his interest in games gradually declined.

Therefore, he moved away from it, but Tarayre’s father was against his life choices, so he refused Norbert Tarayre to be a cooking person.

Norbert Tarayre’s youth seems to have been more complicated. However, now, he is one of the most popular and loved chefs in France, and people worldwide know him.

As of now, his mother is happy about her son’s popularity and achievement, and his father must be relieved that he is living a wonderfully entire life.

Norbert Tarayre Family details

Prince De Galles’s head chef, Norbert Tarayre, is of French origin, and his family is also of French descent.

Norbert Tarayre’s cultural influence is seen in his cooking and baking styles and processes. His dishes reflect the typical fusion of French culture and foods.

His love for French culture is seen through his cooking skills which he often showcases in television and youtube broadcasts.

Similarly, his social media post and pictures show Tarayre’s love and affection for his family.

In the Instagram account of Chef Norbert Tarayre, we can see him with his partner and children.

Norbert is a proud father of four children, three daughters from his ex-marriage, Amandine, and one son from his current wife, Abi Yessourour.

Norbert Tarayre Origine Parents
Norbert Tarayre has an adorable and supportive family. (Source: Instagram)

Although his relationship with Mrs. Amandine ended, he is on good terms with his three daughters, Gayane, Laly, and Aliya.

Tarayre often posts pictures of his lovely daughters on his social media account, and they spend their leisure and family time together.

Similarly, his little son is the apple of his eye for Norbert. His time with his son is so precious for him and the family.

Moreover, the little prince of the Tarayre family is adored by his sisters, mother, father, and grandparents.

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