Olivia Buzaglo Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Reporter?

Olivia Buzaglo Age: She is supposedly 29 years old. Olivia always had a thing for football because she grew up in a family involved in the field. Her father, Tim Buzaglo, represented the National Team of Gibraltar.

Olivia Buzaglo, a widely recognized reporter, works at Chelsea Football Club.

Buzaglo is wholeheartedly dedicated to her role as a journalist covering the English Premier League (EPL).

Specifically, Olivia works for Chelsea Football Club and reports on Chelsea happenings.

In her commitment to both the EPL and Chelsea, Buzaglo brings her passion and expertise to the forefront of her work.

Since her early days, Olivia had always dreamt of indulging in sports journalism and had always been a Chelsea fan.

Before starting her career with the Premier League, Olivia began by blogging for a new defunct magazine shoot.

Olivia also began recording live segments at Stamford Bridge and videos where she discussed the main talking points with non-affiliated Chelsea FC Fan TV on YouTube.

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Olivia Buzaglo Age Revealed: How Old Is The Reporter?

Olivia Buzaglo, a young and beautiful woman, has gathered a significant fan following due to her involvement in the sports industry.

Buzaglo’s admirers appreciate her work, and being actively engaged in sports has undoubtedly contributed to her popularity.

This recognition has left people wondering about Olivia Buzaglo’s age.

Despite the public’s interest, no available sources provide us with information about Olivia’s actual date of birth.

However, some sources claim that the reporter is supposedly 29 years old.

Olivia Buzaglo Age
Sources claim Olivia Buzaglo is 29 years old. (Source: Instagram)

The choice to keep her date of birth private and undisclosed might be her personal choice.

Being a public and recognized figure does not mean that one has to make every ounce of one’s life details public. It is still up to them whether or not they want to disclose those things.

Rather than focusing on Olivia’s age, we better appreciate her work and what she offers us through her work.

If, in the future, the reporter feels comfortable enough to share her details, then her followers will surely get to know about it.

Olivia Buzaglo Wikipedia

Olivia was born in the United Kingdom and into a family who had their involvement in the footfall world.

Buzaglo was born to her father, Tim, a livewire striker who played in non-league, representing Gibraltar’s national team.

Olivia Buzaglo Wiki
Olivia Buzaglo’s father, Tim, represented Gibraltar’s National team. (Source: Instagram)

Olivia became interested in football early on, possibly by seeing her father on the field.

Olivia played when she was young and could have been a footballer following her father’s footsteps.

The reporter had always harbored a dream of getting into sports journalism.

Olivia is a die-hard Chelsea fan who began her journey by blogging for the now-defunct magazine Shoot, paving the way for her to secure a position at Premier League Productions.

In 2016, Olivia started with a non-affiliated Chelsea FC Fan TV on YouTube, where she recorded live segments at Stamford Bridge and created videos discussing key topics.

This act of Olivia caught the attention of Chelsea TV, leading them to welcome her to their TV studio at Stamford Bridge, where she co-hosted a matchday show.

This is how Olivia Buzaglo established herself as a Chelsea Football Club reporter and is continuously adding up to her career achievements.

With time, Olivia Buzaglo will grab and add more to what she has already achieved at an early age.

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