Patrick Dai Parents: Who Are They? Family Ethnicity

Delve into the article to learn about Patrick Dai parents and unveil his family’s ethnicity and originality.

Patrick Dai is a student at Cornell University who has been arrested for making online threats to Jewish students on Campus.

Patrick is in junior class at Cornell University, from Pittsford, New York, where he lives with his parents.

Patrick is considered one of the brilliant students at the University; he was also a member of the Science Olympiad at Cornell and served as the director of Logistics.

Similarly, he is also a part of the Cornell Campus engagement and orientation supervisor. Such a young, active boy was arrested on 1 November 2023 and accused of posting threatening statements online about Jewish students.

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Patrick Dai Parents: What They Have To Say About Him?

Patrick Dai was born to his father, Mr. Dai, and his mother, Mrs. Dai. Since his childhood, Patrick has acquired knowledge of technology and world trends.

Patrick is the loving son of his parents, and his arrest has shocked them. And they are trying their best to defend their son.

Patrick Dai parents believed that their son was innocent, and he did it without his awareness. According to his father, Patrick Dai is in severe depression, and he cannot control his emotions due to depression.

Patrick Dai’s father reported to the police that even small triggering events severely affected him, and the current conflict between Israel and Hamas might have triggered his depression.

Patrick Dai Parents
Patrick Dai parents have claimed that the post that he made are out of his awareness and due to depression. (Source: Facebook)

Thus, according to Patrick Dai parents, their son has not committed the crime. They added that Patrick never had a history of violence and was always lovely to society, well-organized, and helpful to others.

In all of the chaos going on right now about Patrick Dai, many people are curious to know about Patrick’s parents. However, his parents have requested not to disclose their names in the media for the sake of other family members.

Right now, Patrick Dai parents are trying their best to defend their son. As for them, the action Patrick take are out of awareness, and his depression is the primary cause of that.

Patrick Dai Arrest Case: Family Ethnicity

Although the authentic details of the Patrick Dai family are yet to be disclosed in media, various online portals and media are speculating about his family’s ethnicity and originality.

The facial features of Patrick Dai resemble the Asian countries. Thus, people speculate that he might be from an east asian country.

Looking at the hatred he has of Jews, people estimated Patrick Dai to be of Chinese nationality.

In several comments on a Facebook post, people have claimed that he might be a Chinese Spy or agent.

But these all are not official news, and Patrick Dai has a family history and childhood history of deciding in Pittsford, New York.

Patrick  Dai Parents
Patrick Dai is considered a brilliant student at Cornell University. (Source: Npr)

Similarly, Patrick Dai parents are regular office workers in the U.S., trying their best to give the children all the opportunities they deserve.

Furthermore, Patrick Dai is a student of Ivy League School who entered there as one of five National Merit Scholars.

Therefore, his family details are well recorded in the American documents. But none of them has been disclosed till now.

Thus, it is considered an inappropriate act by the netizens and the public to target the whole community.

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