Paul Young Parents: Meet Father Bishop William And Pastor Dianne Young

Meet Paul Young parents and learn about the details of his family structure and personal life.

Paul Young is a politician and social activist from Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. State.

As president and CEO of the Downtown Memphis Commission, Paul currently leads major economic and community development efforts.

Memphis City has grown under Young’s leadership, and the economy of the state is getting stronger.

Being a boy of Memphis, Paul pursued his career focused on building a Memphis that works for every resident.

On 6 October 2023, Paul Young was elected as the Mayor of Memphis, and now he could decorate the city prosperously by executing his plans and policies.

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Paul Young Parents: Father William Young Was A Bishop

Paul Young was born in Oakhaven, Memphis, to his father, William Young, and his mother, Dainee Young.

Paul’s father was the most vibrant and inspiring person in his life. William was the first Black Chaplain at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Similarly, he also worked at The Healing Centre FGBC and as a Chaplain at Western States Mental Institute. Paul’s father studied counseling at Memphis Theological Seminary.

William Young served as the bishop and founded The Healing Center Full Gospel Church. Likewise, he developed the concept of connecting the African-American church with addressing mental health and suicide.

Paul Young Parents
Paul Young’s father was a reputed Bishop and mental health activist. (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, Paul Young’s father, William, was a Vietnam War Veteran, serving in the U.S. Army, stationed in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

William was always concerned with mental health; thus, he founded the National Suicide and the Black Church Conference along with his wife.

Moreover, Young Sr was licensed by the State of Tennessee in three areas: Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, and Clinical Pastoral Therapist.

Paul Young Parents: Mother Dianne Marshall Young Is A Pastor

Paul Young parents are deeply associated with Christianity, its values, and its ideologies. Paul’s mother, Dianne, studied Christian Psychology and earned her Master’s Degree at Charlotte, North Carolina.

Like her husband, Dianne serves as a mental health activist based in the Healing Center full gospel Baptist.

She founded the Healing Center along with her husband. Now, after William Young died on 10 October 2022, Dianne has been continuing the services and work for mental health.

Paul Young Parents
Paul Young’s mother is a reputed pastor and works for mental health. (Source: Facebook)

Paul’s mother is an incredible lady, and her works are spread in several fields as she held memberships and leadership positions in the Board of Memphis Mental Health Ministry, Advisory Board, and Tennessee Department of Mental Health.

Dianne’s service and commitment to the community are unparalleled. She is establishing a firm legacy of empowerment and societal change. 

Upholding the parents’ selfless and philanthropic mindset of helping, Paul has developed a passion for the service to the Memphis city.

Paul Young Siblings And Family 

Paul Young parents are blessed with four children. Thus, Paul has three siblings, Dorcas Young Graffin, William Young Jr., and Pastor David Young.

Paul’s sister Dorcas serves as director of the division of community services at Shelby County government. She is recognized as a strategic leader with a farsighted policy and program in the development of the County.

Similarly, Paul Young’s brother is a Pastor at the local church, and he practices child and family therapy at Youth Villages.

Memphis mayor Paul Young is married to Jamila Smith Young. She is a nurse care practitioner at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Paul Young Parents
Paul Young has a loving wife and two adorable children. (Source: Facebook)

The couple are blessed with two children, daughter Zoƫ Marie Young and son Joshua Young.

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