Who Is Paula Malia Pareja Carlos Dueñas? Relationship Timeline

Is Carlos Duenas, Paula Malia pareja? Paula Malia Spanish actress and singer is best known for portraying Teresa Dáz in the 2018 television series Benvinguts a la famlia. 

Paula Malia has stepped outside television and into the theatrical and cinema industries. She was a film actress who starred in Animals (2011), The Innocents (2012), People Coming and Going (2019), and Crazy About Her (2021), among other films.

She took part in numerous theatrical plays, such as The Experiment (2012), My sweet nation (2012– 2013), Orgia (2013), Safari Pitarra (2014), The Importance of Being Frank (2018), Jacuzzi (2019), and Sota la neu (2021).

Apart from that, Paula Malia is known for her involvement with The Mamzelles, a music group she is part of alongside Paula Ribó and Bàrbara Mestanza. The group gained recognition after starring in an advertisement about recycling for the Generalitat de Catalunya.

They released their first album called Que se desnude otra in 2012, followed by their second album called Totem También in 2014.

In the Netflix series Valeria (2020–2021), she also portrayed Carmen. Continue reading to find out more about Paula Malia Pareja – Carlos Duenas.

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Paula Malia Pareja – Carlos Duenas

Carlos Dueñas is a music producer and engineer associated with Arctic Wave Studio. Likewise, he has worked as a sound engineer for various artists, including Miss Caffeina, BadGyal, Leo Rizzi, Maren, Malmö 040, Alfred, and Delta.

As a sound engineer touring with these artists, Carlos Dueñas likely plays a crucial role in ensuring their live performances’ quality and technical aspects.

Talking about Malia, she studied drama at the Elia School in Barcelona to further her interest in acting. She is presently pursuing her education at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona.

Along with Paula Ribó and Bàrbara Mestanza, Paula Malia is a member of the musical ensemble The Mamzelles in addition to her acting profession.

Paula Malia Pareja
Paula posted a lovely photo on Carlos’s birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Paula Malia’s television career began to take off when she made appearances in a number of TV programs. She got her start by displaying her abilities on Crackvia, a sports sketch show. She played a variety of roles in Crackvia, including a standout imitation of Pilar Rubio.

She further expanded her TV experience by joining the cast of the TV3 series El Crac in 2014, which was written, directed, and starred Joel Joan.

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Paula Malia Relationship Timeline

Paula Malia supposedly started dating Carlos in late 2020. Similarly, she told the world about her partner through an Instagram post in November 2020.

Before she met Carlos, Malia was believed to be married to her long-term boyfriend-turned-husband, Pol Pedret.

The couple reportedly shared their precious moments on their Instagram accounts. However, there are no recent updates about their relationship, so they are believed to have gone their separate ways.

Paula Malia Pareja
Carlos and Paula share a deep connection with each other. (Source: Instagram)

She is now in a loving relationship with Carlos Duenas. The two are frequently seen on each other’s Instagram handles enjoying their romantic love life.

With the amount of love and charisma they share, it seems the couple will hopefully take the next step in their relationship and tie the knot in the near future. Their wedding can be estimated to be near soon.

Also, Paula was born in Barcelona on September 29, 1990, and is 33 years old. Aula Malia has demonstrated her flexibility as an actor with her talent, commitment, and various roles in television, cinema, and theater.

Her significant performances in series like Valeria (2020–2021) and Benvinguts a la Familia (2018) helped her gain notoriety in Spanish entertainment.

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