Paula Volpe Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Public Figure?

Argentine public figure Paula Volpe was a star in her career around the nineties. Here, get to know what she is doing at the moment and look more at Paula Volpe Wikipedia.

Paula Volpe is an Argentine actress and TV personality who earned her name in the nineties.

Notably, she was one of the cast for the popular humorous Argentine show Rompeoportones (1998). 

The long-run comedy show had a collection of sketches of a person’s life and Paula Volpe was in the segment “The Girl’s Boyfriend”, portraying a girl in an unmanaged relationship with her boyfriend. Now the reruns of the program are weekly broadcast on the cable channel Volver.

Surprisingly this show came as a boon to Paula. After the show, she started to get offers in movies, series, and other reality shows.

Some of the show are: Los Itturalde (2000), Dinamitados (2004), Juanita and ,La Soltera (2006).

Paula Volpe Wikipedia: How Old Is The Public Figure?

Paula Volpe was born in Buenos Aires. She is believed to be in her mid-fifties.

She began her career as a model for a clothing brand. Then she started to get offers for casting in various magazine shows.

Lots of the shows were not claimed to be good for her career. However, the 1998 Comedy show Rompeportones gave her a taste of success.

In 1999 she also starred in the film Nuclear Danger with the actor Victor Laplace, but it was not published because of a dispute between the production and direction teams.

 Similarly, she also participated in the cast of the musical No Somos Santas. However, it did not get the attention of the viewers as expected, and she dropped out of the show.

Paula Volpe Wikipedia
Paula Volve has a beautiful daughter- Agustina Volpe. (Source: Paparazzi )

In 2007, Volpe had a car accident. Fortunately, nothing serious physical damage happened.

After the incident, Paula stayed away from the TV reality shows and acting. Thus, her acting career was marked active from 1993 – 2006. 

After this, she was constantly invited to the talk shows as a guest to talk about her life biography. So, she is still among Argentine fans and is considered a public figure. 

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More About Paula Volpe: Husband And Daughter

In the nineties, Paula Volpe inherited the title of the beautiful actress in the Argentine TV media.

1996 Paula began to accompany the comics on stage and television when she met Magician Mago Emanuel- a talented illusionist.

They started their relationship, got married, had a daughter, and got separated. 

Later in 2015, Paula met Jesus after dating for a few months. Jesus and Paula got married on October 2, 2015.

However, even after she got separated from Emanuel and married Jesus, she and her ex stayed in touch. The former pair are still in touch for their daughter, Agustina. 

Paula Volpe Wikipedia
Paula Volve with Mago Emanual and Jesus for the show: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. (Source: Lanacion )

On January 9, 2020, three of the adults of the family participated in the program: Who Wants to be a Millionaire, where the previous couple Emanuel and Paula said that they decided to be separated because their love ended but they still lived together for the sake of daughter Agustina.

The couple wanted their daughter to share love with both of her parents. Paula’s current husband Jesus had also agreed to this decision and loved Agustina equally.

The parents showed their love for their daughter by allocating the price of $180,00  won on the program for her 15th birthday. They really said that despite a separation children always come first.

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