Peshraw Dizayee Family: Wife Hana Jutyar Sons And Daughter Zhina

Peshraw Dizayee Family has currently garnered attention on the Internet as netizens want to learn about the distinguished Kurdish entrepreneur.

Peshraw Dizayee, a prominent Kurdish businessman, owned the widely recognized Falcon Group in the autonomous Region of Kurdistan.

Additionally, he served as the CEO of Empire World, a notable real estate development company.

Tragically, his life was cut short in the 2024 Erbil attack, a targeted assault on his residence.

This devastating incident not only claimed the life of Peshraw Dizayee but also resulted in the loss of several members of his family.

The repercussions of this heartbreaking event resonated widely, bringing attention to the profound impact of the attack on the Kurdish community and beyond.

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Peshraw Dizayee Family: Wife Hana Jutyar

Hana Jutyar, the wife of Peshraw Dizayee, along with their children, experienced injuries during the attack on their residence.

Tragically, Rozh reportedly lost one of his hands in the assault. Additionally, one of the housekeepers sustained injuries, while another sadly lost her life.

The attack also claimed the life of Karam Mikhail, a businessman and owner of Rayyan al-Iraq Group, who was present at Dizayee’s house for a social gathering.

Born in 1981 in the UK, Mikhail was a resident of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and worked as a contractor on Erbil’s Boulevard residential complex.

Peshraw Dizayee Family
While Peshraw Dizayee passed away, his wife, Hana Jutyar was seriously injured (Source: X)

In the late hours of Monday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Iran launched 10 ballistic missiles toward Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region.

They claimed Erbil as the “spy headquarters” of anti-Iran groups. The attack resulted in at least four deaths and 17 injuries.

The IRGC claimed responsibility for the strike, stating they targeted “spy headquarters and gatherings of anti-Iran groups.”

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) rejected the presence of Israeli intelligence in the Region, contradicting IRGC’s claim of targeting “three Mossad bases” in Erbil.

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani strongly condemned the attack, urging the Iraqi federal government to defend Iraq’s and the Kurdistan Region’s sovereignty.

The US State Department offered condolences and strongly condemned the “reckless” strikes, confirming no US personnel or facilities were targeted.

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Read About Peshraw Dizayee Sons And Daughter Zhina

Peshraw Dizayee, a Kurdish businessman of the Falcon Group, tragically lost his life, as did his young daughter Zhina, who was just ten days away from her first birthday.

The attack on their residence also resulted in injuries to Hana Jutyar, Peshraw Dizayee’s wife, along with their 7-year-old son Rawan and 26-year-old son Rozh.

Mashaan al-Jabouri, a former Iraqi parliament member, clarified on X that Peshraw Dizayee, known to him for 20 years, had no political or Mossad connections.

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani recently affirmed that the Region will not pose a threat to Iran.

Peshraw Dizayee Family
The Kurdish businessman Peshraw Dizayee tragically lost his life, along with his young daughter Zhina (Source:

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) spokesperson, Peshawa Hawramani, reiterated in late December that there are no Israeli bases in the Kurdistan Region.

This comes after a pro-Iran militia claimed to have targeted an alleged Israeli base in Erbil with a drone.

In March 2022, Iran launched twelve ballistic missiles at Erbil, targeting the residence of a well-known Kurdish businessman.

The IRGC claimed responsibility, stating they were targeting “the strategic center of the Zionist conspiracy and evil by point-to-point missile.”

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