Peter Doig Children: Two Daughters Eva & Alice And August, Wife Parinaz Mogadassi

Peter Doig children searches have been trending currently. Uncover his daughters, Eva and Alice, son August, and wife Parinaz Mogadassi. Learn more about the life and work of this acclaimed painter.

Peter Doig, a highly acclaimed Scottish painter, has gained recognition as a prominent figure in representational art.

His extraordinary paintings often evoke his Canadian upbringing, incorporating elements such as canoes inspired by the eerie ambiance along with a unique blend of mythic narratives and authentic images.

Notably, his masterpiece “White Canoe” achieved remarkable success at Sotheby’s auction in 2007, selling for a staggering $11.3 million.

Moreover, his paintings create a truly mesmerizing artistic experience. So admirers also want to learn about Peter Doig’s children.

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Meet Peter Doig Children: Eva, Alice, August And his wife, Parinaz Mogadassi.

The renowned Scottish painter Peter Doig has a diverse and evolving family life.

He has a total of five children, with his first two, Celeste and Simone, born in 1992 and 1994, respectively, during his marriage to Bonnie Kennedy.

With Bonnie, he also shares two daughters, Eva and Alice, and a son, August. However, there are limited details about them.

Unfortunately, after 24 years of marriage, Doig and Bonnie ended their relationship in 2012.

Moreover, in 2015, Doig welcomed another daughter named Echo into the world, this time with his second wife, Parinaz Mogadassi.

Peter Doig Children
Peter Doig children are the source of inspiration for some of his paintings, like the “Two Trees,” shown here. (Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Similarly, Mogadassi, a curator was born in Iran and raised in Canada. Their meeting occurred in 2010 when Mogadassi began working for Gavin Brown, Doig’s New York dealer.

As of 2023, Parinaz confirmed that Doig is currently working independently and is not affiliated with any gallery.

Likewise, this decision grants him the freedom to explore his artistic endeavors without external constraints or representation.

Furthermore, Peter Doig children are a source of inspiration for some of the artist’s paintings, like “Two Trees,” which depicts his daughters Eva and Alice playing in a forest.

Presently, Doig resides in Trinidad, embracing a simple and healthy lifestyle.

Nonetheless, Doig continues to captivate global audiences through his distinctive paintings, blending personal experiences and imaginative narratives into his artistic expressions.

Who Are Peter Doig’s Parents? Early Life

Peter Doig, the esteemed artist, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1959, to Mary and David Doig, both of Scottish descent.

When he was merely two years old, his family left their roots behind and settled in Trinidad, where his younger siblings, Andrew and Sophie, were born.

His father devoted his professional life to accounting for a notable shipping company, whereas his mother passionately pursued her calling as a drama educator.

Likewise, when Doig was seven years old, the family moved once again, this time to Montreal, Canada, due to his father’s job as a shipping merchant, and it was there that he spent his formative years.

Peter Doig Children
Peter Doig was born in 1959, to parents, Mary and David Doig. (Source: Le Devoir)

However, at the age of 12, Peter’s parents made the decision to send him to a Scottish boarding school, thanks to funds provided by his generous great-aunt.

But, after three years of unhappiness, his parents allowed him to return home.

Similarly, in 1979, Doig made a significant move to London, where he embarked on his artistic education.

He enrolled at the Wimbledon School of Art, followed by studies at Saint Martin’s School of Art and the Chelsea School of Art.

Moreover, these experiences in London played a crucial role in shaping his artistic development and laid the foundation for his successful career as a painter.

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