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There aren’t many names that stand out as much as when you hear Queen Latifah. This legendary diva of the entertainment industry has delighted us over the years with her numerous talents. Continue reading to know more about her. Including Queen Latifah Net Worth, Height, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Career, and more.

As we all know, Latifah is a lady who excels in many things. After starting out as a singer, Latifah also showed the world what a talented actress, model, producer, and talk show host she is.

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Beautiful Owens

In a nutshell, we can simply say that Queen Latifah has been one of the most decorated and reputed people in the entertainment industry. Similarly, we hope that this amazing lady can keep us entertained for a long time to come.

Queen Latifah Bio:


Full Name  Dana Elaine Owens
Queen Latifah Age  50 Years
Birth Date  March 18, 1970
Marital/Relationship Status  In a relationship with Eboni Nichols
Birthplace  Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Ethnicity  Black (African-American)
Profession  Singer, Rapper, Actress, Model, Producer,                       Talk Show Host
Nationality  American
Queen Latifah Net Worth  Estimated to be at around $65 Million dollars
Height 1.78 meters
Years Active  From 1989 – Present
Horoscope  Pisces

Early Life

Dana Elaine Owens was born in the city of Newark in New Jersey, America. Similarly, she lived and grew up in East Orange city of New Jersey.

Queen Latifah Net Worth

Legendary singer Dana

Owens also is a well-educated lady. In addition, she went to Essex Catholic Girls’ High School at Irvington. Dana was always a big and powerful girl. Due to this reason, Latifah also played as a power forward in her high school’s basketball team. Similarly, later she joined the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Queen Latifah Family

Dana was born to mother Rita Owens. Similarly, her dad was Lancelot Amos Owens. She even had an older brother Lancelot Jr. However, all of Latifah’s family members have passed away.

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Rita Owens, who is also an actress, died in 2018 from heart failure. Similarly, she lost her brother Lancelot Jr. in a motorcycle accident. In addition, Latifah herself had presented her brother with the motorbike.

Musical Career

Dana’s journey to stardom came after she started beatboxing for Ladies Fresh. Eventually, Latifah started getting noticed for her ability to both rap and sing.

From about 1989 till 2002, she left her mark in the male-dominated rap and hip-hop music genres. Along with inspiring others, her music also covered topics like domestic violence, harassment, and relationships.

Queen Latifah age

How much is Queen Latifah Net Worth??? Find Out Below

After that, until 2009, Latifah began singing soul and jazz music, which are more traditional genres. However, the Queen returned to hip-hop since 2008. Also, during her illustrious singing career, Latifah has collaborated with artists like Missy Elliott.

Queen Latifah Movies And TV Shows

This beautiful songstress also started making her appearances in TV and movies soon. Dana has played a vital part in many movies over the years. In addition, Latifah’s most popular works are in the films Ice Age, 22 Jump Street, Girls Trip, Taxi, and Scary Movie 3.

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Similarly, Owens has also starred in many TV shows and got mainstream success at the same time. She was even the host, creator, and executive producer of The Queen Latifah Show.

In addition, Dana has featured in shows such as 30 Rock, Entourage, Living Single, and Empire. Therefore, you must be wondering that she must have surely earned a fortune and expect Queen Latifah Net Worth to be really huge. Well, let’s take a look at what Latifah’s worth.

Queen Latifah Net Worth

No matter which part of the entertainment industry you want to talk about, Owens has found success at it. From music to movies and TV shows, Latifah has done it all.


Latifah is also a talented actress

Therefore, Owens is popular and loved by the people as the Queen of entertainment. Similarly, Dana has also earned a hefty fortune from her legendary career. Today, Queen Latifah Net Worth is estimated to be at a whopping $65 Million dollars.

In addition, Dana Elaine Owens has also made a lot of cash from her numerous products and endorsements. Latifah is endorsed by brands like  Pizza Hut, Jenny Craig, CoverGirl, Curvation ladies underwear, and Carnival Horizon.

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Similarly, Dana even has her own brand of cosmetics called CoverGirl Queen Collection. Therefore, after having spread her wings in so many sectors and also finding success impressively, no wonder Queen Latifah Net Worth is so huge.

Personal Life

Latifah wears the key to the motorbike in which her brother passed away. Dana also was a victim of a carjacking which in her partner being shot at.

It seems that the Queen is a lady you wouldn’t want to mess with. In the past, Latifah has been arrested for having marijuana and a loaded handgun along with DUI. In addition, this bad-ass diva also trains in kickboxing.

Queen Latifah Husband, Relationships, and Kids

Owens has never been married to anyone. Similarly, Latifah has kept her relationships and sexuality away from the spotlights. However, Latifah is currently in a relation with Eboni Nichols.

Even though Dana and Eboni are rumored to be engaged, they haven’t shared the details in public. In addition, according to reports, Latifah also welcomed a baby girl with Eboni in 2019.

Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 5.7M Followers

Facebook: 9.9M Followers

YouTube: 356K Followers

Twitter: 7.9M Followers

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