What Is Ramon Ang And Atong Ang Relationship? Find It Out

What is Ramon Ang and Atong Ang relationship? Are they business partners, friends, or related by blood?

Ramon See Ang, popularly known as RSA, is a prominent Filipino businessman born on January 14, 1954.

Ang is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc., the largest shareholder of San Miguel Corporation (SMC).

His influence extends to the presidency and CEO roles at SMC, as well as chairmanship at Cyber Bay Corporation and Eagle Cement Corporation.

In April 2021, following the passing of Cojuangco, SMC made significant changes by unifying the roles of CEO and President, with Ang assuming both responsibilities.

While Ramon See Ang’s professional background is known to many, sometimes netizens raise questions about his relationship with Atong Ang. 

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Ramon Ang And Atong Ang Relationship: Are They Brothers?

Ramon See Ang and Roberto Ongpin Ang, better known as Atong Ang, have both left an indelible mark on the Philippine business landscape.

Their shared surname and significant influence in the Philippines may have made many wonder whether they are, in fact, brothers. But the truth is that they are not related.

Talking about Ramon Ang, he faced the challenges of a modest upbringing, which fueled his drive to excel while growing up in Manila.

Working odd jobs to support his family and fund his education, he emerged from Far Eastern University with a degree in engineering and a doctorate.

Ang’s foray into the vehicle business, specifically in luxury automobiles, set the stage for his eventual partnership with the late Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco.

Ramon Ang And Atong Ang Relationship
Despite having the same surname, Ramon Ang and Atong Ang are not related to each other. (Source: Facebook)

Their collaboration, beginning with the sale of aluminum wheels, eventually led to Ang’s pivotal role in handling Northern Cement.

His stewardship of the company earned him Cojuangco’s trust, culminating in his appointment as successor in San Miguel Corporation.

In stark contrast, Atong Ang’s fame stems from his involvement in cockfighting, a popular but controversial sport in the Philippines.

Often dubbed the “Cockfighting Kingpin,” he has invested heavily in cockpits and breeding farms. However, his association with the sport has also attracted legal scrutiny.

Beyond cockfighting, Atong Ang’s name has become synonymous with allegations of illegal gambling operations. 

His ventures into the entertainment industry, particularly in showbiz and boxing promotions, further underscore the multifaceted nature of his business interests.

While Ramon Ang and Atong Ang may have crossed paths in the course of their business endeavors, they are not related to each other.

Despite their divergent paths, both serve as respected figures in the complex intersection of sports, entertainment, and entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

Some Facts About Ramon Ang And Atong Ang Family Tree

Ramon Ang, the billionaire tycoon, is not just a business magnate but also a dedicated family man. He has always valued privacy in his personal life.

Ramon is happily married to his wife Tessi, and together, they have been blessed with eight children.

Among them, Cecile stands as the president of Diamond Hotel, while John Paul takes the reins as the CEO of Eagle Cement Corp.

Monic, another talented member of the Ang family, holds the positions of treasurer and CFO.

Tragedy struck the Ang family in April 2020 when their younger son, Jomar, passed away at the young age of 26.

Ramon Ang And Atong Ang Relationship
Ramon Ang and Atong Ang have relatively different family trees and backgrounds. (Source: Facebook)

Jomar had been an integral part of RSA Motors, serving as the chief financial officer. He also played a significant role in San Miguel Global Power Holdings Inc.

In a statement released by the Ang family, they remembered Jomar as a dutiful, loving, and kind-hearted son and brother and a loyal friend to many.

When it comes to Atong Ang, there is limited information available about his family tree and early life.

However, it is known that he is a happily married man and enjoys a contented family life with his beautiful children.

Like Ramon Ang, Atong values his privacy and keeps his personal life out of the public eye.

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