Rapper C-Knight Age And Wikipedia: Who Was He?

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Arnez Blount, popularly known as C-Knight, was one of the hip-hop icons and founding member of the rap group Dove Shack. It is the G-funk group from Long Beach, California.

Dove Shack was the band formed in 1994 and stayed active until 2006. Similarly, with the same group, Dove also made a brief comeback in 2017 and 2018.

C-Knight’s debut song was with the group Dove Shack song, This is The Shack on Warren G‘s album Regulate.

After that, the group released their album, which was the mega-hit of that time.

C-Knight was considered one of the notable rappers, and his nineties songs are popular among his fans and followers.

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C-Knight Age And Wikipedia: The Life Of The Rapper

Rapper C-Knight lost his life on 7 November 2023, and at the time of death, C-Knight age was just fifty-two years old.

Throughout his life, C-knight lived in reputation and pride. He followed his passion, pursued a notable profession, and contributed to the G-funk music genre.

C-Knight was the founding member of the hip-hop group Dove Shack. He founded the group in 1994 with the help of two people, Bo-Roc and 2Scoops.

Though C-Knight and The Dove Shack never had the massive success that some of their contemporaries who got their start in the 1990s did, the group was still an influential hip-hop outfit.

C-knight’s group debut album, This Is The Shack, was released in 1995. It managed at number sixty-eight on the Billboard 200 albums chart and number thirteen on the R&B charge. 

C Knight Age
C-Knight Age and Wiki: He lived his life as a rapper and released several albums. (Source: Facebook)

At that time, the C-Knight age was at the phage when youth were passionate, and their works were impressive and loved by their fans and close ones.

Shortly after 1995, the group got a break, and all three members of the trio started to work on their own. C-knight released his 2001 solo album Knight Time.

Furthermore, after 11 years, the trio returned for 2006’s LP Reality Has Got Me Tied Up, which failed to chart.

After that, C-Knight called it quits after their second album went nowhere. However, they reassembled in 2017 and 2018.

Even though the group did not perform well and their songs failed to be popular among the people, C-Knight and his groupmates always tried their best to provide the audience with the best gifts.

C-Knight Family Details And Personal Life

C-Kinght has always been private about his personal life and family details. C-knight age at death was fifty-two; thus, it is believed that he might be married and have a child.

Throughout his living period on earth, fans could not even get access to know about his father, mother, and siblings.

However, after C-Knight was hospitalized after diagnosis through disturbing blood sugar test results, his father, George Lee Washington Blount Jr., reported to the media that C-Knight suffered from diabetes and was taken for a dialysis session.

C Knight Age
Rapper C-knight is no more among us, he died on 7, November 2023 at the age of 52. (Source: Facebook)

C-knight was hospitalized on 18 October 2023, and up to 7 November 2023, he was kept under life support as the case got more critical.

During the last moment of C-Knight on earth, he remained unresponsive and relied on life support.

Moreover, when the MRI scan report and other body condition reports came back negative, C-Knight’s family decided to take off life support. 

C-knight’s heart stopped on 7 November 2023, and he was announced dead in the hospital bed.

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