Rauno Juhola Wikipedia And Ikä (Age): How Old Is Figere Co Genereal Manager

Finnish nationals have hyped Rauno Juhola Wikipedia after his recent interview on the Finnish TV Show Viiden Jälkeen where he shared his life journey from a foreign legion member to a successful business manager.

Rauno Juhola is a former Finnish soldier in the French Foreign Legion who was deployed in Rwanda in 1994, the year when the Rwandan genocide took place. 

Motivated by personal circumstances, he joined the Legion and was eventually deployed to Rwanda as part of Operation Turquoise. Juhola’s experiences during the genocide deeply affected him, and for years he questioned the impact of their mission. 

After a long silence, Juhola decided to share his story. The former has published work with his fellow combatant, titled “Operation Turquoise Fighter,” which documents the events. 

He was recently seen in a Finnish reality TV show, Viiden Jälkeen, where he shared his life events. Juhola ventured into the security sector and later found success as a business leader in the construction industry.

Currently, he is a General Manager of a construction company Figere Co. under Temet Construction, which also has multiple branches in other nations.

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Rauno Juhola Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Rauno Juhola is a former French Foreign Legion who later found business success. Hailing from Calvi, Haute-Corse, he has been in several parts of the world in his lifetime.

The businessman started his venture in Finland as a General Manager at Figere Co. in Jan 2014. He has been involved in the business for more than 9 years.

Figere Co. is located in Koskelontie 14 A 13 Espoo, Finland and specializes in the Construction of buildings and Corporate management activities. The company is a Temet Construction subsidiary with multiple branches worldwide.

Temet is a global leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying blast protection and CBRN-protection solutions. With over 70 years of experience, they offer a comprehensive range of products, including blast-proof valves, doors, hatches, and CBRN filtration systems. 

Their solutions are used worldwide in civil protection, military projects, crisis management, and industrial sites. 

Rauno Juhola Wikipedia
Rauno Juhola is a former French Foreign Legion who currently works as a General Manager at Figere Co. Source: Facebook)

The businessman studied CCH at 2e REP – 2ème Régiment étranger de parachutistes in the class of 2001. It is the only airborne regiment of the Foreign Legion in the French Army which trains soldiers. 

After the training, he attained the position of Finnish soldier in the French Foreign Legion and was later deployed in Rwanda in 1994, which deeply changed his life.

The former soldier is a successful businessman and has achieved financial stability and independence with his work. He is a married family man who resides in Vantaa, Finland, with his wife and children.

Despite his financial success, he remains grounded and motivated by new daily opportunities.

Rauno Juhola Ikä (Age): How Old Is Figere Co Genereal Manager

Rauno Juhola’s ikä is unknown. The former soldier has not shared his date of birth or age with the public. Hence, determining his age is also hard in the lack of information.

Though his age is unknown from his pictures, it can be guessed that he is in his late 50s. Juhola has lived a significant portion of his life and experienced from being in war to being in meeting halls making business deals.

Rauno Juhola
Rauno Juhola ikä is unknown, but he appears to be in his late 50s.  (Source: Facebook)

Rauno served two years in the 13th Half Brigade and six years in the 2 REP Parachute Regiment, the most challenging and most demanding detachment of the French Foreign Legion. 

After his military career, he worked in the security sector, met celebrities, and lived in different parts of the world.

Today, he is a successful business leader who has applied the laws of safety and efficiency he learned in the Foreign Legion in the construction industry.

The success has elevated Juhola to a financially independent position. However, the son of a working-class family still wakes up early in the morning because a new day always brings a new opportunity.

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