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Rhea Ripley

Young, ruthless, and super-aggressive are the words that can be used to define Rhea Ripley. This powerful and brawny Aussie is bad news for anyone who stands in front of her. Using her unbelievable strength, Rhea has been able to force her way past any obstacles along the way and is making her way to the top of the wrestling scene in a fast and furious manner.

Combining her killer grappling skills along with an out worldly physical prowess, she has the ability to stand and trade blows with any superstar diva in professional wrestling. Rhea also has a take-no-prisoners mentality. Due to this, her opponents usually feel the full wrath of power and aggression that leaves them crippled and broken. No matter where Ripley goes, she has managed to successfully rip up the women’s division and sit on the top.

Rhea Ripley is just getting started and it seems that no other force is being to stop her as she plans to conquer it all. Her journey to the top has been fast and incredible. This deadly Aussie chick has taken no time to establish herself as one of the most deadly competitors out there. Now Rhea is focused on conquering all the bigger and better things and cement her place in history as one of the greats.

Full Name  Demi Bennett
Ring Name  Rhea Ripley
Date of Birth  11th October 1996
Marital Status  Unmarried
Birthplace  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Profession  Professional Wrestler
Nationality  Australian
Net Worth  Estimated at around $1.5 Million – $2 Million
Height  1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight  62 kg (137 lb)
Horoscope  Libra


Early Life

Demi Bennett was born in Adelaide, Australia. She obviously was a fan of professional wrestling growing up. Bennett has even citied out fellow wrestling superstar The Miz as her inspiration when she was growing up. Now, we can say that she has successfully been able to follow her icon’s footsteps and has become a star herself. She even started her promising wrestling career from her homeland.

Also, growing up she took part in several other physical activities. Demi actively trained ad got involved in various sports including swimming, karate, netball, rugby, and soccer. Rhea‘s extensive background in all these various practices also explains why she is such a powerful unit physically.

Age and Body Measurements

Bennett was born on 11th of October, 1996. She is one of the youngest divas out there. However, what she has been able to achieve and the way she has entertained the wrestling world is truly praiseworthy. With a lot of years still left behind her, we can be sure that Rhea Ripley is only going to get better and rule the women’s pro-wrestling scene in years to come.

This Australian warrior has the perfect build for causing the terror that she leaves along her way. Beautiful Demi has an athletic and well-toned physique. Rhea Ripley stands at an impressive 5 ft 8 inches. And also, she weighs about around 137 lbs. Hence we can say that she works hard to maintain her naturally gifted figure.

How much is Rhea Ripley Worth?

Despite being so young, Rhea has accomplished so much more than many of her more seasoned fellow colleagues. Her abilities in the ring have really made her stand out as a champion-material. Ripley has even backed it up by winning championships at the highest level.

Along with her success on the ring and gained popularity, she has also been able to bankroll a lot of riches. Rhea Ripley is already estimated to be worth at around $1.5 Million – $2 Million dollars. Her wealth and fortune are only going to surge with time as she continues her promising career.


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Personal Life

Demi has confirmed that she is in a relationship with Demetri Action Jackson. Demetri too like Rhea is a professional wrestler himself. She opened up and told the world about her relationship with Jackson in October of 2019.

Apart from this, we also know that Rhea Ripley a huge fan of the Adelaide Football Club. This, of course, is her home town football club and she follows them closely.

Career of Rhea Ripley

Rhea‘s career began in 2013. She began wrestling by becoming a part of the Independent Circuit. Initially, she began her journey in sports entertainment by performing in Australian based promotions like Riot City Wrestling and Melbourne City Wrestling. She even won multiple honors during this time.

In 2017, Rhea Ripley signed with WWE. After May Young Classic of 2018, she signed with NXT UK brand. After conquering all there, she moved to WWE’s other developmental brand of NXT in 2019. Just as usual, championships and honors also followed as she defeated the formidable Shayna Blayser to become the champion once again.

Social Media Presence

Be sure to follow Rhea and get a glimpse of what the future of women’s wrestling looks like.

Instagram: 359K Followers

Twitter: 161K Followers

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