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You might know Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler from AMC‘s hit drama series Better Call Saul. In addition, Rhea’s actually a very talented actress who has been in this business for quite a while now.

Seehorn makes things look smooth in the acting work. This is a trick many actors fail to learn but rhea surely seems to have mastered it.

Above all, Seehorn seems to finally have found the credit and recognition that she rightly deserves. Even though she got it a little bit late in her career. Rhea has made viewers all from all over the world fall in love with her, credit to her fantastic acting skills.

Rhea Seehorn Age

Seehorn, a Stunner!

Continue reading to get more information about this beautiful and talented lady. Including Rhea Seehorn Height, Husband, Age, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, Career, and more.

Rhea Seehorn Bio:


Full Name  Deborah Rhea Seehorn
Age  48 Years
Birth Date  May 12, 1972
Marital/Relationship Status  In a relationship with Graham Larson
Birthplace  Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Ethnicity  White (American)
Profession  Actress
Nationality  American
Net Worth  Estimated to be at more than $3 Million dollars
Height 1.64 meters
Years Active  From 1998 – Present
Horoscope  Taurus

Early Life

Deborah Rhea Seehorn was born in the city of Norfolk in Virginia, U.S. Both Rhea’s parents were earners in the household. Seehorn’s mum was an executive assistant in the U.S. Navy.

Rhea Seehorn Husband

Beautiful Deborah

Similarly, her dad was an agent who served in the Naval Investigative Service. Deborah’s family also moved a lot during her childhood. In addition, she grew up in Japan, Arizona, and in Washington.

Deborah was also very interested in arts when she was growing up. She even studied architecture, drawing, and painting. In doing so, Rhea was following the footsteps of her dad and grandmother.

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However, she found her passion for acting and got introduced to the contemporary theater during her college days. Similarly, Deborah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from George Mason University.

Rhea Seehorn Age & Height

Deborah was born on the 12th of May in 1972. In addition, Rhea Seehorn age is 48 years. She is a talented actress with still a lot of years behind her and we wish her all the luck for more success.

rhea seehorn net worth

Rhea flaunting her beauty

Similarly, Deborah is also as pretty as they come. She has stunning looks along with a great physique that catches the viewer’s attention. Rhea Seehorn height is also a pretty 1.64 meters.

Rhea Seehorn Movies And TV Shows

Deborah has been in shown business since 1998. However, this fine actress might just have started getting your attention in recent times.

In the beginnings, Seehorn most played multiple supporting roles in the plays as she was trying hard to get noticed. After that, Rhea started getting some roles in local theater and short instructional films.

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Also, Rhea later even started getting roles in TV productions. However, most of her roles were in short-lived series that were canceled after a couple of season max.

Seehorn’s fortune and fame changed forever in 2014 after she was selected as a cast for Better Call Saul. Here, she stars and entertains us all as the lead actress Kim Wexler.

Deborah has been a part of films like A Case Against Karen, Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss, Inside Man: Most Wanted, and Eat Me! Similarly, Seehorn has also featured in TV shows such as Family Guy, House of Lies, Whitney, and I’m with Her.

Rhea Seehorn Husband & Personal Life

Deborah is a gorgeous and mature woman who has also found love in her life. Rhea’s husband is engaged to a guy named Graham Larson. Graham is known for his work in projects such as Traffic, The Last Samurai, and I am Sam.

Seehorn and Larson have been engaged since 2018. In addition, they have also been together since 2013. Rhea is also open about her relationship with Graham and shares herself enjoying with lover in her social media.

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In addition, Rhea and Graham actually knew each other a long time before they were even together. As a matter of fact, Larson was actually married to Mary Alice Haney in the past.

Graham is her Friend’s Ex!

Graham and Mary even have kids from their marriage. And now, Seehorn is even helping Larson in taking care of his kids and bringing them up.

Actually, Mary is a very good friend of Deborah. And don’t be worried, because Rhea didn’t steal the man. To make things even better, we reveal the information that it was actually Haney who set up Seehorn on a date with her ex-husband.

better call saul

Seehorn with her Charming Smile!

Above all, we hope that Rhea and Graham can keep their romance and love alive forever. We, along with all of Debora’s fans worldwide wish them the best of luck for the future.

Rhea Seehorn Net Worth

Deborah is a talented actress who has found a lot of fortune along with her fame from the entertainment industry. Today, Rhea Seehorn net worth is estimated to be at more than $3 Million dollars.

Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 250K Followers

Twitter: 137K Followers

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