RHONY: Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery Before And After

Celebrity gossip and speculation have recently sparked curiosity about none other than fashion icon Jenna Lyons. Fans are abuzz with rumours surrounding possible Jenna Lyons plastic surgery, leaving everyone wondering if she has indeed gone under the knife to enhance her appearance.

In a surprising career move, Jenna Lyons, renowned for her fashion expertise and notable appearances on “Girls” and dressing the Obamas, takes on a leading role in the revamped “The Real Housewives of New York City.

However, Lyons’ struggles to fully engage with the Housewives make for an unappealing and strained debut, leaving viewers underwhelmed.

Known as a point of entry for many due to her previous accomplishments, Lyons seems to falter in the reality TV spotlight. Despite her stylish reputation, the first three episodes of the show feel lacklustre, resembling an outlet-store garment with amateurish tailoring.

Lyons’ appearance on “Stylish” hinted at her potential for captivating television. But here, as viewers expected a more polished and engaging performance, they were left with a sense of disappointment.

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RHONY: Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jenna Lyons, the fashion icon and recent addition to the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York,” has become the centre of attention as viewers speculate about her seemingly transformed appearance.

With whispers swirling about possible work done on her face, people are curious to know if Lyons has gone under the knife or tried other cosmetic procedures.

The stunning woman, who has garnered a lot of attention for her styling capability, has now gotten people interested enough to trend “Is the news of Jenna Lyons plastic surgery true?”


Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery
There still lacks clarity regarding Jenna Lyons Plastic Surgery. (Source: Instagram)

Upon close examination of  before and after photos, it appears that most of Lyons’ face remains unchanged. There are faint wrinkles on her forehead and under her eyes, maintaining a natural look.

Her nose and eyes seem to bear the same features as before, leaving little room for speculation. The use of Botox surely would have left a noticeable change on her face if she had chosen to do it.

However, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed a subtle alteration in Lyons’ upper lip. Previously sporting smaller lips, it appears that her upper lip has become slightly plumper.

While some suggest she may have overlined her lips to create this effect, others believe that filler injections might be responsible for the enhancement. Yet, no official confirmation or statement has been made regarding any cosmetic surgeries or procedures undertaken by Lyons.

As the season progresses, fans will undoubtedly continue to closely scrutinise Lyons’ appearance, seeking further clues about any potential changes.

Whether it’s clever makeup tricks or a subtle tweak here and there, the mystery surrounding Jenna Lyons’ newfound lip volume adds an extra layer of intrigue to her already captivating presence on the show.

On the other hand, Lyons has not shied away from admitting that she uses extensions on both her hair and lashes from time to time. Well, that is something used by most women, regardless of their age.

Jenna Lyons Teeth: Has She Used Braces?

The fashion maven has been captivating audiences not only with her impeccable style but also with her radiant smile. Recently, fans stumbled upon childhood pictures of Lyons, revealing a stark contrast from her current perfect pearly white smile.

This discovery has ignited curiosity, prompting speculation about whether she underwent a dental transformation by using braces or undergoing a dental procedure.

In a surprising revelation, Lyons has confirmed the truth behind her smile makeover. She shared that her childhood pictures accurately portrayed her teeth, which were crooked and shaped like cones.

Surprisingly, this was a result of a genetic disorder called inconsistencia pigmente, affecting the skin, teeth, and hair.

Jenna Lyons Plastic surgery
Jenna Lyons has confirmed the news of her getting a dental procedure done. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up with these dental challenges, Lyons endured significant teasing, leading her to hide her smile. However, she made a bold decision to change her situation.

Seeking the smile she desired, Lyons opted for a transformative dental procedure. The procedure has brought about a remarkable change in Lyons’ smile, leaving her with a set of flawless teeth.

No longer concealing her happiness, she now radiates confidence with every smile she shares. Her stunning smile transformation serves as an inspiration to those facing similar challenges. 

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