Riku Romppanen Wikipedia And Alter (Age): How Old Is The German Pool Player?

Riku Romppanen Wikipedia is among the most searched in the pool world as the young pool player is making waves in the pool world. He recently became the youngest player to reach the last 16 in the UK Open Pool.

Riku Romppanen is a young German pool player and uprising star in the pool world. He has made several sports headlines, including the 2022 Alfa Las Vegas Open.

In the tournament, the player defeated Sky Woodward, one of the world’s best and turned heads in each match he played.

Riku Romppanen was the youngest pool player in history to reach the last 16 in the UK Open Pool, a tournament organized by Matchroom. This umbrella organization brings together the best in the world.

 He ensured the position with a 10-6 win over compatriot Petri Makkonen. Petri Makkonen was the 2012 doubles world champion.

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Riku Romppanen Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Riku Romppanen is a pool player who ranks significantly in the pool world at a young age. He is a teenage schoolboy living in Lapinkylä, Vantaa. Lapinkylä is a district in Vantaa, Finland, located in the western part of the Vantaa River.

The schoolboy was ranked third in national championship juniors under 21 in 2023. In April 2023, Riku played in two tournaments; PRP Nineball Open in Spain and 9Ball National Championships in Tampere, where he ended up in 17th place in both.

Romppanen became the youngest pool player to reach the last 16 in the UK Open Pool. However, he was defeated by Joshua Filler (10-6) later.

On the way to fame in the tournament, Romppanen downed six players, including 2012 doubles world champion Petri Makkonen.

While Romppanen was making pool history, his peers celebrated the end of comprehensive school at the Aurinkokivi school in Kivistö, Vantaa. 

Riku Romppanen Wikipedia
Riku Romppanen’s wikipedia mentions the pool player in 68th rank worldwide. (Source: Facebook)

Romppanen’s game trips mean frequent absences from school, but he showed his absence did not go in vain for the last days of school. 

Eero Romppanen, his father, who owns a company focused on property maintenance and construction, has greatly supported him and his pool journey.  

His father was why he began doing well in the pool, as he would place balls in a starting pattern in the shape of a ysipallo salmiak (9-ball pool) while his son warmed up for shots in the Skill Games club’s playing hall.

Eero accompanies Riku in every travel and rehearsal. He goes with his son around the world for several tournaments.

On the other hand, his mother, Maarit Tykkä, ensures he doesn’t miss out on school assignments during tours. She uploads the tasks to the mobile application, and his father ensures they are done.

Riku Romppanen Alter (Age): How Old Is The German Pool Player?

The pool player is only 16 years old as of 2024. At the young age of 15, he delivered an unbelievable performance in the UK Open.

Romppanen has competed with one of the bests in the world, including 2012 doubles world champion Petri Makkonen and Skyler Woodward and won against them.

Joshua Filler, the world’s best billiards player at the moment, defeated him in the UK Opens, but Riku gave him a hard win.

Riku Romppanen Wikipedia
Riku Romppanen is a [calculate_years datestring="04/13/2008"]-year-old pool player. (Source: Facebook)
The young player has gained definite prominence after the UK Opens in the pool circles. Despite that, the youngster keeps his feet on the ground regarding goals for the coming years.

Riku played his first billiards games at four in his parents’ bowling alley in Myyrmäki. When young, he couldn’t play well as the stick was longer for his short height.

For the game to somehow succeed, his father sawed the pool stick shorter for his ease. Riku participated in block races with his father’s team at 7.

Romppanen has exceptional abilities as a pool player. He has only played seriously for three years, but the 15-year-old is already ranked 68th worldwide.

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