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Without a doubt, Rob Szatkowski is one of the wrestlers with zero haters and always been a positive wrestler among his entire professional career as a ring name “Rob Van Dam.” Rob is an American professional wrestler and actor whom we best know for his reign on World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment.

Szatkowski is currently signed to Impact Wrestling, where he is still able to create some impact even after 49th years of age. He is the only wrestler in wrestling history to win WWE Championship, ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Van Dam Signature Pose
Van Dam Signature Pose

Rob is a high flying and gymnasium superstar through whom we can see and experience amazing moves during his match.

Rob Van Dam: Quick Facts

Full Name  Rob Szatkowski
Net Worth  $5 Million
Date of Birth  December 18, 1970
Marital Status  Currently Single
Birthplace  Battle Creek, Michigan, United States
Ethnicity  White
Professions  Professional Wrestler, Actor
Nationality  American
Eye Color  Brown
Hair Color  Blonde
Build  Athletic
Height  6 Feet 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight  107 Kg (235 pounds)
Body Measurement

Under Review

Online Presence

Facebook: 2 Million Followers

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Horoscope  Sagittarius

Early Life of Rob Van Dam

Rob Szatkowski, aka, Rob Van Dam, the famous actor, as well as wrestler, was born on December 18, 1970, in Battle Creek, Michigan. Van Dam completed his study from Pennfield Senior High School as a graduate.

He was interested in wrestling from an early age and made his debut appearance on WWF television in 1987 against Ted DiBiase. During that time, he was offered $100 by DiBiase to enter the ring and kiss his foot, which Van Dam had to do.

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How old is Rob Van Dam? – Age, Height, and Measurements

This famous superstar and actor Van Dam is currently living his 49th year of age and still an energetic and active performer inside the Impact Wrestling. Rob Van Dam has an average body height of 6 feet and 1 inch with an average body weight of 107 kg, i.e., 235 pounds. Van Dam does have Blonde hair with Brown eyes.

Rob Van Dam Professional Wrestling Career

Van Dam Super Kick
Van Dam Super Kick

Rob made his first-ever professional debut in 1990, where he defeated Dango Nguyen. He was named as Rob Van Dam by Ron Slinker in 1991 because of his martial arts skills and his actor character of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

During his wrestling career, he had been to several wrestling promotions like United States Wrestling Association (USWA), South Atlantic Pro Wrestling (SAPW), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), All Japan Pro Wrestling, etc. and many more.

Van Dam signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1992, where he entered a tournament for the vacant World Television Championship. He lost the tournament and had his last match on WCW on May 22, 1993.

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Rob signed ECW wrestling promotion in 1996, with Paul Heyman where he defeated Axl Rotten in his debut match. Here he gained the name and fame by winning an ECW World Television Championship and twice the ECW World Tag Team Championship title with Sabu.

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment

Van Dam was already a superstar before signing a contract with WWF, which he signed on July 9, 2001. Because of a good reputation in ECW, he was liked by the fans of WWF as well and was well appreciated for his contract on WWF.

Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWF Hardcore Championship for the first time, which he lost it to Hardy again on August 13. Van Dam defeated many great superstars like Kane, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Stone Cold.

He has also won many titles that made him the only person to win WWE Championship, ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Achievements and Championship of Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam Champion
Rob Van Dam Champion

All Action Wrestling

  1. Winner of Perth Classic Tournament in 2017

Over The Top Wrestling

  1. OTT No Limits Championship

All Start Wrestling

  1. ASW North American Heavyweight Championship

American Wrestling Rampage

  1. AWR Heavyweight Championship
  2. AWR No Limits Championship

Battle Championship Wrestling

  1. BCW Heavyweight Championship

Extreme Championship Wrestling

  1. ECW World Television Championship
  2. Twice the ECW World Tag Team Championship with Sabu

International Wrestling Federation

  1. IWF Television Championship

National Wrestling Council

  1. NWC Tag Team Championship with Bobby Bradley

No Limits Wrestling

  1. NLW Heavyweight Championship

Pacific Coast Wrestling

  1. PCW Heavyweight Championship

Peach State Wrestling

  1. Twice the PSW Cordele City Heavyweight Championship

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  1. The comeback of the Year in 2001 and 2010
  2. Most Popular Wrestler of the Year in 2001 and 2002
  3. Ranked No.1 in PWI 500 in 2002

South Atlantic Pro Wrestling

  1. SAPW Tag Team Championship with Chaz Rocco

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

  1. TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  2. TNA X Division Championship

World Stars of Wrestling

  1. WSW World Championship

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment

  1. WWE Championship
  2. ECW World Heavyweight Championship
  3. Four times the WWF/E Hardcore Championship
  4. Six times the WWF/E Intercontinental Championship
  5. WWE European Championship
  6. WWE Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio
  7. Two times the World Tag Team Championship with Kane and Booker T
  8. Winner of the Money in the Bank in 2006
  9. Seventh Grand Slam Champion
  10. Fifteenth Triple Crown Champion

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Rob Van Dam Wife and Personal Life

Rob Szatkowski was married on September 6, 1998, with Sonia Delbeck, which was recently divorced in 2018 as Van Dam was dating the fellow wrestler Katie Forbes.

Van Dam was an advocate for the legalization of cannabis and also a consumer himself. Rob believes that consuming cannabis will enhance athleticism. He has a saying, “RVD 420 means I just smoked your ass.

Rob Van Dam is not only a wrestler but also a trained kickboxer and martial artist who has amazing skills in fighting. He is also an advocate for the bodybuilding supplements, which he began with the influence of his mother.

Szatkowski was once arrested on July 3, 2006, for the possession of 18 grams of hashish and five Vicodin pills while overspeeding on Ohio State Highway.

Rob Van Dam Net Worth

With a fantastic career as a successful professional wrestler as well as the famous actor of Hollywood, it is no doubt that he is a rich wrestler. So, the total estimated net worth of Rob Van Dam is $5 Million.

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Facebook: 2 Million Followers

Instagram: 458 K Followers

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