Romain Peugeot Wikipedia And Age: Fortune And Net Worth

Romain Peugeot wikipedia: This influential figure in the automotive industry has garnered significant attention for his achievements, prompting curiosity about his age, fortune, and net worth.

Romain Peugeot, a French heir and entrepreneur, was born on August 9, 1989, and currently resides in London.

Belonging to the 9th generation of the renowned Peugeot Family, he is the grandson of the founder of FC Sochaux-Montbéliard.

This businessman has been actively involved in the private market as an investor and operator since 2012.

Presently, he holds the position of Managing Director at EiM Capital, a specialized investment firm operating in the lower mid-market across Europe and focusing on the industrial sector.

Additionally, he holds a position as a board member of Établissements Peugeot Frères.

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Romain Peugeot Wikipedia And Age

Born in 1989 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Romain Peugeot is the offspring of Eric Peugeot and the descendant of Roland Peugeot.

Following his studies at the International School of Geneva, he embarked on a career as a derivative Product analyst at Societe Generale and later worked briefly at Groupe PSA.

In 2010, he co-founded the Phat Pack, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering artists from underprivileged backgrounds.

Later on, Romain pursued his academic journey by enrolling in the European Business School, where he completed his MSc Finance degree in 2013.

Additionally, he holds the title of chartered corporate director from IFA Sciences Po Paris and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School’s OPM program.

Romain Peugeot Wikipedia
Romain Peugeot happily manages his family business. (Source: Lalsace)

The Peugeot family is renowned as a prominent French industrial dynasty, notably associated with the PSA group and, subsequently, the Stellantis automotive group.

As per their official website, the company has made a firm commitment to electrify its product lineup.

By the following year, they plan to have 100% of their vehicles electrified, and within the next two years, they aim to launch five new 100% electric models.

Their vision is clear – to establish Peugeot as the leading electric brand in Europe by 2030.

Demonstrating their dedication to sustainability, they have set ambitious goals for achieving carbon neutrality by 2038.

Furthermore, by the end of 2023, their range will consist of 100% electric vehicles, and they plan to introduce five additional electric models by 2025.

Romain Peugeot Fortune And Net Worth Explored

While pursuing his education at the European Business School, Romain Peugeot concurrently held roles within his family’s business.

Initially, he served as an analyst for R&D expenses, followed by a position as a joint venture analyst for the Asian JV alongside Dongfeng Motor Co. in Shanghai.

During the year 2012, Romain Peugeot became the pioneering angel investor in the French startup

Moreover, he has invested in numerous companies situated in both France and Switzerland.

In 2015, Romain Peugeot joined the LumX Group, an investment firm led by Arpad Busson, as a senior associate.

Also in 2015, Romain Peugeot expressed his interest in acquiring FC Sochaux-Montbéliard, a football club founded by his Great Grandfather Jean-Pierre III Peugeot in 1928.

Romain Peugeot Wikipedia
Romain Peugeot lives a lavish lifestyle, thanks to his fortune. (Source: Twitter)

As an Associate Director at Aberdeen Standard Investments – 21ASI, he played a significant role in leading investment research and execution on a substantial €150 million transaction.

His expertise extends to Venture Capital, having successfully executed 21 deals, primarily in the TMT sector, and Private Equity, with three deals, including two buyouts and a minority transaction.

Given his involvement in these lucrative business ventures, he and his family enjoy considerable wealth and a luxurious lifestyle.

According to BNN Bloomberg, the Peugeot clan ranks among France’s wealthiest individuals, boasting a collective net worth exceeding $4 billion.

It is reasonable to assume that he is one of the beneficiaries of this substantial fortune.

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