Ron Barassi Son: Meet Ron And Richard Barassi, Daughter Susan Barassi

Who is Ron Barassi son? The Australian Football League legend died on 16 September 2023 at eighty-seven.

Ronald (Ron)Dale Barassi Jr. was an Australian rules footballer player, coach, and sports media personality.

Ron is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the history of Australian rules football to this date.

At the age of seventeen, Ron started his professional journey in football with the Melbourne Club. After a decade, he transferred to Carlton in 1965.

In 1965, Barassi started his coaching career with Carlton and retired in 1995 from Sydney. For his incredible contribution to the AFL, Barassi was inaugurated into the Australian Football Hall of Fame as a “Legend.”

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Ron Barassi Son: His Eldest One Ron Barassi Is A Sports Person 

Ron Barassi married Nancy Kellett on 4 March 1957. The couple were the proud parents of three children.

Eldest daughter Susan, born on 29 July 1960; elder son Ron, born on 23 June 1962; and Richard Barassi, born on 13 February 1964.

Ron Barassi Son
Ron Barassi with his first wife with whom he had three children. (Source: Yahoo)

Ron Barassi’s sons were the most enthusiastic in the Australia Rules football in their school and college days. Ronald’s elder son, Ron, also played senior-level football in the initial days.

Later, Ron Barassi Jr. decided to direct his life apart from the sports person. He is now in his sixties and living with his family and children.

Moreover, Ron is associated with the sports agency and is also involved in the business of sportswear.

Ron Barassi Son: His Younger Son Richard Barassi Is A Creative Artist

Apart from the grandfather, Ronald Barassi Sr., and father, Ron Barassi Sr., the youngest in the family, Richard Barassi, decided to direct his life in a different field than sport.

Richard is associated with the creative arts design for several movies and TV shows. He primarily works with the art department of the production company.

Ron Barassi Son
Ron Barassi with his son Richard Barassi in Essendon practice at Port Melbourne in 1969. (Source: Leonardjoel)

Similarly, Ron Barassi son, Richard Barassi, is known for his works in The Flying Doctors (1986) and The Intolerant Cooks (2015).

Richard is busy managing his art gallery and the art department of his own production company. Moreover, his children and grandchildren usually operate the production house.

Ron Barassi Daughter Susan Barassi Is A Recognized Social Worker

However, the children of the late AFL Legend Ron Barassi did not choose sports as their goal and life passion. They all have incredible personalities in the fields that they are associated with.

Ron’s eldest daughter, Susan Barassi, is a well-respected and recognized businesswoman and social worker.

Susan’s works in her hometown town, Victoria, and her present residence, Melbourne, are loved by the city’s locals.

For 2017, Susan Barassi was titled the Melburnian Citizen of the Year.

Ron Barassi Son
Ron Barassi’s children are also incredible and acknowledge personalities in their respective fields. (Source: Theaustralian)

Furthermore, Susan is also active in providing shelter and food for people without homes, orphans, and elderly homes.

Several elderly homes are established or operated by Ron Barassi’s daughter, Susan Barassi.

Personal details about Ron Barassi’s children are tiresome to trace as they all maintained top private lives and preferred to be away from social media.

Similarly, they were barely seen in the photos of their father’s tournaments, award ceremonies, and other gatherings.

However, Susan, Ron, and Richard loved their father, Ronald Barassi. They are in profound grief at their beloved father’s death- a legendary Australian Rules Football player, Ron Barassi.

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