Ronald Reagan Kids: Meet Daughter Patricia Ann And Son Ronald Prescott

Get to know Ronald Reagan Kids, Patricia Ann and Ronald Prescott as we explore their fascinating lives and contributions.

Ronald Wilson Reagan, an American statesman and actor, held the position of the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

As a member of the Republican Party, his time in office marked the era known as the Reagan era, where he emerged as a prominent figure in American conservatism.

In 1937, Reagan made his way to Hollywood, where he made his debut in the film “Love Is on the Air.”

Following this, he starred in around thirty movies, primarily in the B-film category, before embarking on his military service.

Tragically, Alzheimer’s disease affected Reagan’s both physical and mental abilities, ultimately resulting in his passing in 2004.

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Introducing Ronald Reagan Kids: Daughter Patricia Ann

Patricia Ann, one of the Ronald Reagan kids, is an American actress and author, often regarded as the family’s unconventional member.

Her relationship with her parents, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, was strained due to her strong opinions and independent nature.

In pursuit of an independent career, she adopted her mother’s maiden name, Davis, as her own.

During the 1970s, Davis resided with Bernie Leadon, the guitarist of the Eagles. This choice led to her mother, Nancy Reagan, disowning her due to their unmarried cohabitation.

Davis actively participated in the anti-nuclear movement, continuing her activism throughout her father’s presidency, which stirred controversy and discord within the family.

Ronald Reagan Kids
Ronald Reagan Kids: His daughter Patricia Ann reconciled with him after Alzheimer’s diagnosis. (Source: Today)

In contrast to her father, Davis is a critic of the Republican Party and has never been affiliated with it.

In 1986, Patti Davis authored the novel “Home Front,” ostensibly drawing from her family’s experiences.

The story revolves around a successful politician elected as governor of California and later President of the United States.

It portrays the fictional President and his deeply committed wife as overly ambitious, viewing their children as political hindrances.

Despite their differences, Ronald Reagan attempted to reconnect with his daughter, inviting her to the White House alongside a peace activist who opposed Reagan’s military buildup.

Following Reagan’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Patti Davis reconciled with her parents and has since penned heartfelt writings about her father.

Ronald Reagan Kids: Son Ronald Prescott

Ronald Prescott Reagan, the son of Ronald Reagan, is an American political commentator and broadcaster.

He previously served as a radio host and political analyst for KIRO and Air America Radio, where he hosted his own daily three-hour program.

In contrast to his conservative father, President Ronald Reagan, Ron Prescott holds liberal views and has been a vocal critic of the modern Republican Party.

He has asserted that his father would have been “ashamed” of what Donald Trump did to the party.

Throughout his career, Ron Reagan has primarily been involved in the entertainment industry.

Ronald Reagan Kids
Ronald Reagan Kids: His son Ronald Prescott is in the entertainment industry. (Source: People)

In 1976, he was a member of the Joffrey II Dancers, a part of the Joffrey Ballet.

After his father’s tenure in the White House, Ron became more politically active and worked as a television journalist, talk show host, and narrator for documentary-style programs.

His talk show, “The Ron Reagan Show,” aired on Air America Media for two years.

Regarding his personal life, Ron Reagan married Doria Palmieri, a clinical psychologist, in 1980.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 2014 from a neuromuscular disease and later married Federica Basagni in July 2018.

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