Ryan Friedkin Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Ryan Friedkin Wikipedia has trended all over social media as netizens are interested to learn about him following his collaboration with his father.

Ryan Friedkin, a prominent figure in the film industry recognized for his contributions as a producer in several films.

Some of the projects he is notably known for are “Triangle of Sadness” (2022), “Cadejo Blanco” (2021), and “Black Bird” (2022).

Recently, Ryan made a noteworthy visit to Italy, his first since acquiring ownership of AS Roma, a renowned football club, in partnership with his father.

In addition to his film industry involvement, Ryan is also the Vice Chairman at AS Roma Spa, showcasing his diverse and influential presence across various sectors.

This move represents a notable expansion of his portfolio, demonstrating his multifaceted engagement in different facets of the entertainment and sports industries.

Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly known as Roma, stands as a professional football club situated in Rome, Italy.

Established through a merger in 1927, Roma has consistently competed in the top tier of Italian football throughout its history, with the sole exception being the 1951–52 season.

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Ryan Friedkin Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Ryan Friedkin does not have a Wikipedia page at the time of writing this article; however, he is a notable person hailing from a prominent family.

Born in 1992, Friedkin is 32 years old. Ryan Friedkin tends to keep a low profile, avoiding media attention and the spotlight.

He came into public focus when news broke about his acquisition of a home in Rome, and the deal was set to conclude in London a couple of years ago.

Ryan Friedkin Wikipedia
Ryan Friedkin, a prominent film producer known for his contributions to various films (Source: La Roma24.it)

The closing documents were expected to be finalized in both London and Rome, where the club has an office in the Chelsea district.

As part of the transition, Friedkin planned to make changes to the club’s Board of Directors, introducing seven new names, including the right-hand man of his father, Dan Friedkin.

Indications back then suggested Ryan was likely to become the club’s president, and he had already immersed himself in the Italian capital by purchasing a home.

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More On Ryan Friedkin: Family And Nationality

Ryan Friedkin hails from a notable family background as the son of Dan Friedkin and Debra Friedkin. Likewise, he is a nephew of Tomisu Friedkin Dawley, a noted businessman.

Thomas Dan Friedkin, the father of Ryan, is an American billionaire businessman, heir, and film producer.

He serves as the owner and CEO of The Friedkin Group and its subsidiary Gulf States Toyota, originally established by his father, Thomas H. Friedkin.

The owners of AS Roma, father-son duo Dan and Ryan Friedkin, expressed gratitude to José Mourinho for his passion and efforts during his time at the club.

Ryan Friedkin Wikipedia
Ryan Friedkin, the American film producer, is the son of Dan Friedkin and Debra Friedkin (Source: RomaPress)

However, they announced his departure in an official statement, citing the belief that an immediate change is in the best interests of the club.

The owners acknowledged the positive memories of Mourinho’s tenure but wished him and his assistants the best in their future endeavors.

Ryan Friedkin recently made his inaugural visit to Italy since acquiring AS Roma, joining forces with his father, Dan Friedkin.

Roma also mentioned that updates on the new First Team coaching staff would be provided soon.

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